Gerindra plans to call the Minister of Health to Ask for an explanation for the recent acute kidney failure cases

The Gerindra Party also highlighted the acute kidney failure disease that affects hundreds of Indonesian children. Therefore, the Gerindra faction of the DPR RI plans to summon the Minister of Health (Menkes) Budi Gunadi Sadikin to ask for an explanation regarding the problem of acute kidney failure.

“Today, we as parents are worried about the problem of acute failure disease that has attacked more than 200 Indonesian children. As a political party, we have the responsibility and concern for this issue with the intention of summoning and asking for an explanation from the Minister of Health during the trial period,” said Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives’ Gerindra Faction Ahmad Muzani in his statement, Monday (24/10).

“Why do hundreds of our children suffer from acute kidney failure. What disease? Is there a cure? We understand that currently all mothers are anxious, we want to protect our children with the little power we have. We want to give peace to every parent in Indonesia over this issue,” he continued.

According to Muzani, political parties do not only work on political issues. Therefore, the Gerindra Party wants to show that political parties also have a duty to provide concern for what are the interests and problems of the people.

“That’s why we will also call the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) regarding any drugs that are prohibited for consumption by children. What are the ingredients in these drugs? Because we want our children to be protected,” explained the Deputy Chairperson of the MPR.

“We do this in a political way to protect all of our children and all the people of Indonesia. This is political power, when people are restless with various problems, we take the initiative to summon the relevant authorities to ask for an explanation and we will find a solution together,” he added.

Muzani also instructed all members of the provincial, city and district DPRD from the Gerindra Party to take measures to protect and prevent the problem of acute kidney failure.

“For example, by urging all health facilities such as regional general hospitals (RSUD) to provide the best service to children who are indicated to have acute kidney disease,” said Muzani.

As is known, based on data from the Ministry of Health, cases of mysterious acute kidney disorders in children in Indonesia have now reached a total of 245 cases. A total of 141 patients of whom died.

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