How to Start an Online or Digital Business? Here are some suggestions from practitioners


Currently, there is a change in the landscape of business competition and consumer behavior. The shift or change of industry and business broadly to digital form.

And the digital space erases geographical boundaries as a way of doing business and doing business, targeting product markets and reaching many consumers.

Member of Commission I DPR RI, Taufiq R Abdullah, said that the public must be able to take advantage of opportunities in the digital era, including business ventures and MSMEs.

He conveyed some of the soft skills needed to become a digital entrepreneur .

First, according to him, people must have creativity, think outside the box, be rich in ideas and ideas so they can see hidden opportunities.

Second, having the flexibility to be able to move quickly in responding to changes and market needs.

Collaborative is able to work together with stakeholders in developing their business. Third, you must have self-confidence. Dare to express ideas and be prepared to take risks.

Taufiq also conveyed the need for digital literacy activities such as seminars, training or discussions by involving the community directly.

Digital literacy to the public is related to why they have to transform and adapt to the digital world.

According to Taufiq, through seminars or training activities, it will certainly help people who are still technologically stuttering and will stimulate people to use digital in the economic sector.

"With training, people have digital skills, and have the best strategy to quickly strengthen the capacity and skills needed to take full advantage of the benefits of digital," he said.

Digital economy practitioner, Karno Gandjar Prasetyo, said that people must be smart in choosing online market targets, starting from Google, marketplaces , social media, and groups.

"Focus on one market first, don't work on everything at once, so that you can focus more because each market has different techniques," said Karno.

He conveyed that there are four models of cooperation that need to be known by the public who will develop an online business, namely manufacturing, manufacturing (embracing manufacturers), wholesale or wholesale, dropshipping (local and overseas).

“The business model in the industrial era 4.0 is an era of collaboration, not winning alone. The collaborative economic era is an era where the market is formed by individuals who rely on each other to fulfill their wants and needs,” he said.

According to him, it is necessary to simulate the online target market on Google which requires location, the needs of Google's online target market, namely the website and Google My Business.

He said, there are many choices of website packages and you can register your business on google map. Simulation of online target markets in the product research marketplace, the most instant way to research best-selling products on Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and Shopee.

He explained that product branding is selling without branding, selling own product branding and branding no selling.

“How to raise capital can be from saving and sales/marketing commissions. We can see all trends on all platforms for free on Google trends , we can see from the old to the latest, and in all categories available on Google trends, "he said.


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