IAI Chancellor Tazkia Signs MoU with Mayor Prabumulih


Mayor of Prabumulih, South Sumatra, Ridho Yahya and Chancellor of the Tazkia Islamic Institute (IAI), Murniati Mukhlisin signed a cooperation agreement. The focus of this collaboration concerns the economic empowerment of the people and the preparation of sharia human resources.

Ridho Yahya said that through the cooperation program to collect zakat funds and CSR, he was concerned with building houses for the poor. So, with a livable house, it is hoped that it can advance its human resources.

Not only that, said Rodho, his party is also trying to issue certificates of ownership for the poor. “This is important to provide a sense of security for the owner,” he said.

The two-term mayor also encouraged the economic sector of the poor and unemployed. He said, there were 6,000 unemployed and of working age recorded in his region.

Meanwhile, regarding scholarship cooperation, Ridho responded positively to the offer of deepening sharia entrepreneurship and memorizing the Koran.

Related to this, IAI Chancellor Tazkia Murniati said, ready to help Prabumulih City Government. “For the construction of houses for the poor to get this certificate, we can cooperate with ASN, companies and banks in South Sumatra,” said Murniati Mukhlisin over the weekend.

As for the scholarship program cooperation, his party is ready to accommodate Prabumulih’s children for further education. “This regional delegation will study at the Tazkia Campus and return to Prabumulih already with qualified provisions to become an independent community,” said Murniati.

On that occasion, Murniati also filled a tabligh akbar with the topic of the study “Household Financial Management in Islam” which was attended by nearly 1,000 worshipers from various circles and organizations in Prabumulih.

This event was carried out in collaboration with the Prabumulih City Indonesian Muslim Scholar Association (ICMI) and the Prabumulih City Government. The head of ICMI, who is the wife of Mayor Suryani Ngesti Rohayu, said that women in Prabumulih really need knowledge of managing household finances because their duties are as treasurers at home.

“These women must understand their family’s financial arrangement, so they don’t have problems,” said Ngesti.

On that occasion, he represented ICMI Prabumulih symbolically distributing basic necessities to the poor.

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