Jagorawi Street Cowboy Hasn’t Been Legally Processed, Waits for Delegation from the Ministry of Defense

The Military Police Center (POM) of the TNI will prosecute Captain AS for acting like a street cowboy on the Jagorawi toll road. Currently Captain AS is still handled by the Ministry of Defense (Kemenhan) as his place of duty.

“The TNI personnel are still being investigated at the Ministry of Defense,” said Kapuspen TNI, First Admiral Kisdiyanto when confirmed, Wednesday (21/9).

Kisdiyanto said that TNI Headquarters was waiting for the delegation from the Ministry of Defense. After that, the military justice process can be carried out.

“After that, it will be transferred to the TNI POM,” he explained.

Previously, street cowboy action happened again. This time, a Toyota Fortuner driver with an official license plate was caught on camera pointing a gun at another driver on the Jagorawi Toll Road, Cipayung District, East Jakarta.

In the video with a duration of 1.17 seconds circulating, it appears that the driver of a car with a red plate is about to overtake a Toyota Avanza that is traveling in the far right lane. The condition of the highway looks quite congested.

The Avanza driver did not seem to provide overtaking space for the perpetrator’s car. Because the perpetrators wanted to overtake through the small space between the rightmost lane and the road divider.

The Fortuner driver then overtakes into lane 3 or second from the right. At that time, there was an argument. The perpetrator was caught brandishing a gun and was caught on camera also banging on the window of the Avanza car using his hand. Not long after, the Fortuner driver stepped on the gas.

The Head of Jagorawi Highway Patrol (PJR) Ipda Leonardus Alvin confirmed that the incident occurred on Sunday (18/9) at around 15.00 WIB. “The car with the service plate pointed a gun at the vehicle in front of it. The car is believed to have an official license plate. However, we are still investigating,” he said, Monday

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