Komnas HAM investigation is considered to be balancing information on Brigadier J .'s case


A criminal law expert from Trisakti University, Azmi Syahputra, assessed that the investigation by the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) into the death of Brigadier J was still important. Komnas HAM is considered capable of balancing information.

Azmi said that Komnas HAM’s investigation made people not rely on the police for information sources. “It is still necessary to carry out an investigation by the National Human Rights Commission as a counterbalance to the wild flow of public opinion, including the hope of being able to find the other side of this incident,” Azmi told our reporter, Sunday (14/8/2022).

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Azmi observed that since the beginning of this case there was an attempt to hinder the handling and disclosure of the case of Brigadier J’s murder. This condition created doubts in the minds of the public regarding the police investigation.

“(The public) lost trust in the police institution due to the handling of cases that seemed to protect one of the top police officers before the Chief of Police announced the main suspect,” said Azmi.

Therefore, Azmi analyzes that the community is still processing their thoughts and even doubts the neutrality and transparency of the police. Because there are still certain parts that are covered by the police in this case.

“For example, the motive for this incident, let alone arguing in the name of elemental content that can only be heard by adults. This is the reason they are looking for, considering that in other cases the police did not issue this reason,” said Azmi.

Thus, Azmi views that Komnas HAM’s recommendations on this case will continue to contribute to a balance. So he suggested that Komnas HAM continue to monitor and pursue facts, evidence and police actions in this case.

“Even if in the end the findings of Komnas HAM are the same as the results of the police investigation, this will still be a strengthening contribution to restore public confidence in the police institution,” said Azmi.

It is known that Komnas HAM studied and paid attention to the obstruction of justice in this case. If evidence is found, it is part of a human rights violation.

Komnas HAM has examined Inspector General Pol Ferdy Sambo, who has been named a suspect in the alleged premeditated murder of Brigadier J. Komnas HAM has received a confession from the former Head of the National Police Propram Division that he fabricated the case of Brigadier J.

The plan is that the Police Forensic Laboratory (Labfor) will accompany Komnas HAM to check the crime scene (TKP) of the death of Brigadier J at the Duren Tiga Police Complex, South Jakarta on Monday (15/8/2022).

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