KPK: Achieve a Just and Prosperous Indonesia with a Corruption-Free Government


Deputy Chairperson of the KPK, Nurul Ghufron, said that realizing a just and prosperous Indonesia would only be achieved with a corruption-free government.

“The theme of this 77th RI Anniversary is “Recover Faster, Rise Stronger” and that will be realized only when the government is free of corruption. Therefore, we hope that a faster recovery from corruption and then we will become a strong nation, a just and prosperous nation,” said Ghufron at the KPK’s Red and White Building, Jakarta, Wednesday.

Ghufron, who served as the supervisor of the ceremony, invited all KPK personnel to commemorate and be grateful for this independence day as a momentum to remember the services of the heroes in realizing the vision of the Indonesian nation. “Let us absorb this independence anniversary with gratitude. The independence fought for by the entire Indonesian nation must be used as a vision for an advanced and successful Indonesia,” he said.

He said that the KPK was mandated as a driving force for eradicating corruption, as part of the golden bridge towards a prosperous and just society. Therefore, he said, KPK personnel in carrying out the mandate of eradicating corruption must understand four important things.

First, eradicating corruption is a golden bridge to justice and prosperity that must be the vision of all KPK personnel. “This is to remind all KPK personnel that the struggle of the Indonesian nation towards independence requires first a unified vision, namely for independence, we and the dream of independence need to be fought for with sacrifices of both property and soul,” said Ghufron.

Second, even though they have diverse backgrounds, togetherness and unity will make the KPK stronger in eradicating corruption. “That all the diversity of elements in the KPK must then strengthen the diversity and then be united in the same movement and steps,” he said.

Third, the eradication of corruption must continue to be collaborated with all elements of the nation.

Fourth, a government free from corruption is a “conditio sine qua non” or an absolute prerequisite to achieve the goal of becoming a just, prosperous, and prosperous country as aspired by the founding fathers of the nation.

“It is these four passions that we remind all KPK personnel that the golden bridge that has been erected or realized by the fighters of the Indonesian nation must then be continued. A just and prosperous Indonesia will only be achieved with a government free of corruption and that is mandated and mandated to the KPK, ‘ said Ghufron.

The ceremony to commemorate the 77th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia at the KPK was carried out in a “hybrid” manner as a form of adaptation to new habits during the Covid-19 pandemic. A total of 400 employees representing their respective deputies were assigned to carry out the ceremony directly in the front yard of the KPK’s Red and White Building. While others, perform the ceremony in their respective office.

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