KPK Invites People to Report Alleged Corruption of the Former Police Chief of Soetta Airport


The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) invites the public to report allegations of corruption by the former Soekarno-Hatta Airport Police Chief (Soetta) Kombes Edwin Hatorangan Hariandja. Edwin was fired from the Bhayangkara Corps because he received money in return for handling narcotics cases.

“Please, the public who know about the alleged corruption in the vicinity, immediately report it, of course, with the initial data they have,” said KPK spokesman Ali Fikri to reporters, Monday (5/9/2022).

Ali explained that the authority of this anti-corruption agency is regulated in Article 11 of the KPK Law. He said that his party would first verify if the alleged corruption had been reported.

“Not all allegations of corruption fall under the authority of the KPK. For this reason, to ensure all of this, there is verification and review in the Public Complaints (section) first,” he said.

He also asked that people who have initial evidence of alleged corruption can immediately report to the KPK. Ali ensured that his party would follow up on the report. “We will definitely follow up on every report, either through coordination with the reporting party as well as the proactive enrichment of information and data by the KPK community complaints team,” he said.

Previously, National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo fired the former Chief of Police at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Commissioner (Kombes) Edwin Hatorangan Hariandja. The dismissal was the result of a session of the Police Code of Ethics Commission (KKEP), Tuesday (30/8/2022).

The National Police Ethics Council dismissed Kombes Edwin because he received compensation for handling and investigating narcotics and illegal drug trafficking cases worth approximately Rp. 7.5 billion. “Based on the results of the KKEP trial, the violator in this case is Kombes Edwin Hatorangan, has committed unprofessionalism, and abused authority, so the KKEP trial declared PTDH (Disrespectful Dismissal or dismissal),” said Head of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Headquarters, Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo, in an official press release received by journalists in Jakarta, Wednesday (31/8/2022).

According to Dedi, the KKEP’s decision, Kombes Edwin, filed an appeal. However, Dedi emphasized that the decision of the first level of the ethics panel by declaring PTDH, was a form of consistency and commitment by the National Police Chief Sigit, in an effort to clear the National Police of members who did not obey the law.

Dedi said that Kombes Edwin’s case began with his role as the Sokerno-Hatta Airport Police Chief, in June 2021. According to Dedi, while serving as the regional police chief, there were cases of drug trafficking crimes being handled.

The investigation of the case was carried out by a team of investigators from the Narcotics Satres of the Soekarno-Hatta Airport Police. However, in the process of investigating the case, various irregularities occurred.

One of them, he said, was the report regarding the receipt of money by Kombes Edwin as the Soetta Airport Police Chief. The money, said Dedi, came from narcotics evidence confiscated during the investigation process.

The money, said Inspector General Dedi, was given by the Head of the Narcotics Investigation Unit worth 225,000 US dollars and 376,000 Singapore dollars. If translated into rupiah, these values are Rp 3.3 billion and Rp 3.9 billion, respectively.

For the actions of the Police Chief, the Ethics Council also took part in the professional trial of 10 members of the Soekarno-Hatta Airport Police who were involved in the scandal. Dedi said that the KKEP trial also decided to fire AKP Nasrandi, as the Head of the Narcotics Investigation Unit at the Soekarno-Hatta Airport Police.

A number of parties have asked the KPK to investigate the receipt of bribes. One of the parties pushing for this is the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (LBH).

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