Mafindo Reminds Government to Combat Illegal Drug Trading Practices


The increasingly sophistication in technology is followed by the rise of illegal food and drug trade through cross-border in e-commerce. Practitioners from Partnership & Strategic Mafindo Dewi Sari encourage the government to take action to prevent and eradicate this illegal practice.

She conveyed that the current condition of society is vulnerable in the midst of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic downturn. So they are easily tempted by buying illegal food and drug products in e-commerce with the lure of cheap prices.

“Currently, many people still don’t understand the legality of cross border transactions on food and drugs. The level of use of e-commerce in Indonesia is also increasing, so it needs cooperation from all parties because it has the potential to harm MSMEs (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises) if it is illegal,” said Dewi in a webinar entitled “Drug Prevention and Literacy” Illegal Food Through Cross-Border E-Commerce ‘ which was held by Sobat Cyber Indonesia and Siberkreasi in Jakarta, recently.

In a press release in Jakarta, Thursday (25/8/2022), Dewi as an entrepreneur reminded the public to be aware of cross border practices. That way they can understand the food and drugs that are traded illegally.

Cross border is a term that describes a form of online international buying and selling involving consumers from various countries. Cross-border in e-commerce has an impact on local MSME actors who will experience losses because cross-border products are much cheaper, one of which is because they are not taxed as it should be,” explained Dewi.

According to him, the government has banned some goods to be traded under the system. He also highlighted the existence of a potentially dangerous illegal food and drug trade. Mafindo also tries to provide education to the public.

The founder of Sobat Cyber Indonesia, Al Akbar Ramadillah, said internet penetration in Indonesia has reached 77.02 percent of the total population. Population data connected to the internet in 2021-2022 is 210,026,769 people out of a total population of 272,682,600 people.

“The Covid-19 virus pandemic has led to very rapid structural changes causing greater pressure to renew skills in localizing entrepreneurial opportunities, but on the other hand it also has a negative impact,” said Akbar.

The bad impact is the occurrence of illegal food and drug trade through e-commerce . Akbar appealed to all parties to jointly prevent practices that are detrimental to the state and society. Controlling the circulation of food and medicine through the internet could be a big problem for this nation if it is not done immediately.

“Because Indonesia will get a big demographic bonus, if a lot of drugs and food are illegal and don’t know the dangers in the womb, this will be a danger for the next generation of this nation,” said Akbar.

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