Millennial Group is Committed to Helping Erick Healthy BUMN


President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) praised the success of the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Erick Thohir in exposing corruption cases at the 2022 MPR and DPD Annual Sessions.

The Coordinator for MSMEs and Penggerak Milenial Indonesia (PMI), Syahrul Ramadhani, assessed that Jokowi’s praise was normal considering that Erick’s performance while in State-Owned Enterprises was in line with the government’s priority program to eradicate corruption.

“Since the beginning of his inauguration, Erick’s performance has always been in line with the government’s priority program, namely eradicating corrupt practices within State-Owned Enterprises,” Syahrul said in a written statement in Jakarta, Friday (19/8/2022).

Syahrul said that Erick’s efforts to succeed in priority programs were proven by the discovery of major corruption cases in Jiwasraya, Asabri, and Garuda. “Based on data in the field, Pak Erick’s influence in eradicating corruption in State-Owned Enterprises is very clear. The revelations of major corruption in Jiwasraya, Asabri, and Garuda are proof of that,” he said.

Furthermore, Syahrul noted, Erick’s goal to clean SOEs from corruption was nothing but always oriented towards the general welfare of the community, for example the encouragement to globalize MSMEs. “We value Pak Erick’s goal as one, which is to provide welfare to the people in general, especially in terms of their economy,” said Syahrul.

However, Syahrul continues to encourage Erick to create a healthy State-Owned Enterprises that cares about the people’s needs. “We from PMI are always committed to supporting Mr. Erick in his efforts to improve the welfare of the people and make State-Owned Enterprises healthy,” he said.

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