Moeldoko: Leaders Must Listen


Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko said one of the attitudes a leader must have is to listen. He conveyed this in front of the young ASN who attended the 2022 ASNfest event, at the National Awakening Museum, Jakarta, Saturday (10/9/2022).

"Leaders, officials, don't just want to talk, but also have to be willing to listen. Want to listen to criticism and input from ordinary people or subordinates," said Moeldoko, quoted from the KSP press release, Saturday (10/9).

According to Moeldoko, by having an attitude of listening, there will be no distance between leaders and subordinates or officials and the community. He also shared his experience when he was still active in the Indonesian Army with the rank of Second Lieutenant.

"At that time I had ideas and imaginations for the TNI AD in the future. But because there was a distance between the leadership and superiors, I did not dare to express what I thought. Only 20 years after becoming Commander in Chief, I realized the idea," said Moeldoko.

Because of that experience, he continued, when he became the TNI Commander, he mostly went to the field to listen to the aspirations of the soldiers. Likewise when he is now the Presidential Chief of Staff.

"When I was Commander in Chief, I made TNI Listen. I brought this program when I was the Presidential Chief of Staff. There is KSP Listening. This is a means to bring the palace closer to the people," he explained.

He also admitted that he never limited himself in accommodating the ideas of the staff at KSP. "Anyone can meet and talk to me. If you don't believe it, please prove it to KSP," added Moeldoko.

Moeldoko also emphasized that the government has prepared young ASNs to be able to fill high leadership positions. This is done because the government realizes that the millennial generation in the future will dominate the ASN profession.

Moeldoko sees that currently Indonesia is facing disruption by millennials, who incidentally are digital natives. Later, 70 percent of the workforce will be filled by millennials. And the same applies to the ASN profession.

"Now it's only 45-50 percent. But it is estimated that in the future the majority of our ASN are millennials. So millennials will serve millennials," said Moeldoko.

After inaugurating the opening of ASNfest 2022, Moeldoko also symbolically handed over the aid of artificial limbs to children with disabilities.

The ASNfest 2022 event was initiated by Abdimuda Indonesia, which is a forum for young Indonesian ASNs. ASNfest which contains various activities, such as seminars, competitions, and stand-up comedy, carries the spirit of building national connectivity through ASN, friendly promotions through disability, and the promotion of culture.



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