National Police Chief: SIP Officers Become Police Agents for Cultural Reformation

National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo leads the closing ceremony for the education and training of the 51st Police Inspector School (SIP) Police Officers, Satya Intar Adinata Pratapa Regiment, in Sukabumi, West Java, Monday (3/10). Sigit conveyed an important message to 2,123 Polri officers to become agents of cultural reform within the Bhayangkara Corps. This is to regain public trust in the Polri institution.

"In order to increase public trust, colleagues must become agents of the driving force for cultural reform of the Police. I understand that to do this is not easy. However, we must do it for the good of our beloved Polri institution," said Sigit.

Sigit emphasized that public trust is the main key and a fixed price for the Polri institution. Especially, in carrying out its main task of protecting, nurturing, and serving the community.

In fact, Sigit also quoted a message from President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), namely: Do not lower public trust in the Police. That's the most important. Whatever the image of the Police, we must maintain it .

"If public trust in the National Police is high, of course every effort made will be more effective. Because, get full support from the community. On the other hand, if the public's trust is low, then whatever the actions of the Police will always be lacking in the eyes of the public, "said Sigit.

Sigit further emphasized that after undergoing education, later SIP Police officers will carry out heavier responsibilities. Especially, when carrying out their duties in the field or social community. In addition to ensuring that members' duties in the field run smoothly, Polri officers must be able to face all kinds of increasingly complex challenges.

For example, the potential for food and energy crises due to the prolonged conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The development of the digital era or Hyper Connectivity has the potential to give rise to new types of crime. Then, securing the entire series of 2024 simultaneous elections to prevent polarization, identity politics, and the spread of hoaxes that can divide the nation.

Then, ensure all security for international events held in Indonesia such as the G-20 Presidency. Then, anticipate the movement of terrorist groups. Furthermore, transnational crime, anticipating the occurrence of disturbances in public order and security in various national strategic projects, IKN development, to natural disasters and climate change.

Regarding the various potential challenges faced, Sigit said that the concept of transformation towards a Precision Police had been applied. By prioritizing a predictive policing approach and utilizing information technology.

“The application of the concept of transformation towards a precise police force must of course be supported by all police personnel. Especially my colleagues as first line supervisors who are the driving force in the field," said the former Police Criminal Investigation Officer.

Sigit said that this was a fixed price to gain public trust in the Polri institution. Every personnel must be optimistic that they will be able to reclaim the previously very high level of public trust in the Bhayangkara Corps.

"Therefore, every Polri personnel must evaluate and be committed to making improvements starting from themselves, as the saying goes: don't be ugly when the mirror is split open. Because the improvement should actually come from ourselves and for our own good,” said Sigit.

Sigit reminded that the National Police is a public servant. Thus, every Polri personnel must fully devote themselves to the public, so that public trust can be achieved.

Regarding cultural reform, Sigit stated that there are two approaches that must be taken, namely, through the Rule Based Definition approach, namely with a set of rules and legal corridors and the second through the Value Based Definition approach, namely restrictions based on values and ethics, including Tri Brata and Chess. Prasetya.

“Efforts to reform culturally must also be accompanied by the development of superior human resources of the National Police. For that, colleagues must continue to develop three competencies, both leadership, technical and ethical competencies," said the former Banten Police Chief.

Sigit added, every police personnel must also apply the concept of serving leadership as the theory of Servant Leadership by being an example and placing members and the community as the main priority.

Not only that, the police must carry out close supervision and motivate members to get used to doing good. And go directly to the field to hear directly the complaints and aspirations of the wider community.

"If you get criticism from the community, use it as an evaluation material. Always remember the commitment of the National Police to become an institution that is not anti-critical and modern. The fact that there are criticisms is a clear proof of the people's love for the Police to be better," said Sigit.

Not to forget, Sigit also asked all SIP Police officers not to forget and instill the concept of a growth mindset, namely a mindset to always develop yourself to be a better person. So it has a high level of resilience.

"If this is done, it is hoped that every policing effort that colleagues do can be more adaptive to overcome various problems in the field," said Sigit.

On the other hand, Sigit advised all police officers to continue to forge themselves to become Polri's digital talents. That way, the police are always one step ahead of the perpetrators of crime and are able to keep pace with technological developments because modern problems, require modern solutions or modern problems, require modern solutions.

"Of course, the various things that I have said must always be held firmly, so that colleagues can become strong Polri officers and can respond to every task challenge appropriately, as the community expects," said Sigit.

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