Red Chili Pepper Prices Drop Up To 50 Percent


The price of red chili pepper at Slipi Market, West Jakarta, fell 50 percent to Rp 50,000 thousand compared to June 2022 when it reached Rp 100 thousand per kilogram (kg), which was the highest price in the last eight months. “Now the price is IDR 45,000 to IDR 50,000 per kilogram. It’s cheaper than in June,” said Sri, a trader at Slipi Market, Friday (26/8/2022).

According to Sri, the decline in the price of red chili is due to the large supply of chili farmers in several areas on the island of Java. Even though the price of red chili pepper has fallen, Sri admitted that the daily sales of red chili pepper are not too high. This is because people prefer to buy chili at retailers rather than in the market.

“If the price is high, people don’t buy from retailers but directly buy them from us at the market. So it‘s the same thing,” she said.

Halimah, a chili trader at the market in the Palmerah area, said the same thing. She also admitted that there had been a decline in chili prices in the last few weeks. However, unlike Sri, Halimah said that there was an increase in sales of chili prices when compared to June 2022.

“Yes, now I’ve bought half or a quarter of a kilo again. It can be more than five kilograms a day,” she said.

She hopes that this condition will continue so that residents will have no trouble buying and traders will have no trouble selling red chilies every day.

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