Sahroni: There's Nothing Wrong With Police Opening the Motives for the Murder of Brigadier J to the Public


The police have yet to reveal to the public the motive for the murder of Brigadier Yoshua Novriansyah by the suspect Inspector General Ferdy Sambo after the police reconstructed the case of Brigadier Joshua’s murder. Deputy Chairman of Commission III of the DPR, Ahmad Sahroni, assessed that the police needed to reveal the motive for the murder to the public.

“I think there is nothing wrong with the motive and usually it is revealed to the public,” Sahroni told our reporter, Thursday (1/9).

However, Sahroni reminded that the disclosure of this motive should not interfere with the substance of the disclosure of the case or even disrupt the stability of institutions and society. He ensured, Commission III will oversee the case to completion.

“We will ensure that Commission III will oversee the process as transparently as possible until the trial,” he said.

In addition, regarding the obstruction of justice, the Nasdem Party politician reminded the police to be very careful and thorough. The police are considered to need to sort out which ones are only carrying out their duties, or which ones already know there has been a criminal act but they are still helping.

“Don’t let personnel who only carry out orders and don’t even know what’s going on, get involved,” he stressed.

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