The Supreme Court Rejects Cassation of KM 50 Case, This is the Lawyer's Comment of the Six Laskar FPI


The legal team for the victim of the unlawful killing case, Aziz Yanuar, responded to the Supreme Court’s (MA) rejection of the KM 50 case appeal. He emphasized that the case could be forwarded to the realm of investigating serious human rights cases.

Aziz said the MA’s rejection of the appeal was actually predictable. He believes the public has been able to catch the impression behind the rejection.

“It’s not surprising, and I can predict, I ‘m sure the public is also smart and agrees with me,” Aziz told our reporter, Tuesday (13/9/2022).

Aziz suspects that the defendants Brigadier Fikri Ramadhan and Ipda Yusmin Ohorella are just ‘victims’ or not the real perpetrators. Both of them, continued Aziz, were deliberately placed as if they were shooters in the KM 50 case.

“It is suspected that the two people were only told to confess with the promise of being released. And the scenario has worked,” said Aziz.

Aziz suspects that there is a similarity in the scenario between the KM 50 case and the murder of Brigadier J by Ferdy Sambo (FS). “This is the scenario that was previously thought to be used by FS in the Duren Tiga case. Is n’t that exactly the same scenario, right?” continued Aziz.

Despite the rejection of this appeal, Aziz considers that there are other legal routes that can be taken for the sake of justice for the victims. He stated that the KM 50 case deserved to be investigated as a serious human rights case.

“Indeed, with the release of two people who we consider to be pretenders, it is imperative that cases be investigated using a mechanism for gross human rights violations in accordance with Law 26/2000, not an ordinary criminal court like what is currently happening,” said Aziz.

In the case of the unlawful killing of six members of Laskar FPI in 2020, two defendants, members of the Resmob Polda Metro Jaya, were sentenced to 6 years in prison. The Public Prosecutor used Article 338 of the Criminal Code, in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph (1) of the 1st Criminal Code as the basis for the allegation.

However, in the South Jakarta District Court’s decision, Friday (18/3/2022), the panel of judges stated that the actions of Brigadier Fikri Ramadhan and Ipda Yusmin Ohorella carried out the murder, on the basis of compulsion and self-defense.

Therefore, according to the judge of the South Jakarta District Court, the two members of the Polda Metro Jaya cannot be given a criminal sentence. Based on this decision, the judge ordered the two defendants to be released. The acquittal was strengthened by the Supreme Court’s rejection of the prosecutor’s appeal.

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