TNI AD Twitter Account Filled with Penguin Images, Puspen Denies Hacking


The Indonesian Army ‘s Twitter account is filled with pictures of penguins. According to our reporter’s observations from a tweet on August 25, 2022 at 22.19, the official account uploaded pictures and videos that were not related to the activities of the Indonesian Army. The account uploads were dominated by the promotion of the site.

“Happy Pudgyversary! Read more about our additional Pudgy Penguins Season 2 Airdrop here,” wrote the account, which was followed by more than 425,000 Twitter users.

The last time the account uploaded a TNI event was on August 25 at 18:29. This means that after that the account contains penguin chirps.

The head of the Army Information Service (Kadispenad), Colonel Arh Hamim Tohari, denied that the Army’s official Twitter account @tni_ad was hacked. Hamim said that his team is currently improving the security of the account and making changes to the data according to Twitter’s request.

“For security reasons, in the midst of the current issue of hacking agency and official data by hackers , we are currently increasing the security of our official Twitter account by making changes to the data according to Twitter ‘s request,” Hamim said in Jakarta, Monday (12/9/2022). ).

Hamim explained that the TNI AD was changing the email address used for the Twitter account. Because, he explained, when the @tni_ad account was created for the first time, it did not use official email. So Twitter asked the Indonesian Army to use the email from the army dimension service.

“Currently Twitter is still in the process of verifying the required data, and hopefully this process will be completed soon so that the TNI AD’s official Twitter account will return to normal operations,” he said.

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