With 300 Ton of Cold Storage, KKP Targets Indramayu to Become a Regional Fisheries Center


Sakti Wahyu Trenggono from Kementrian Kemaritiman dan Perikanan (KKP) inaugurated cold storage with a capacity of 300 tons at the Karangsong Fish Auction Place (TPI), Indramayu Regency, West Java, Friday (12/8/2022). Through strengthening the fisheries infrastructure, Indramayu is targeted to become a fishery center in the future.

“This place must become a fishery center. The fishery center infrastructure must be taken care of. Due to the proximity to the market of course we believe the cold storage has to be built. Previously 150 tons (already built), now 300 tons. I hope that next year more will be built again,” said Trenggono in a written statement in Jakarta, Saturday (13/8/2022).

Trenggono assessed that the construction of cold storage in Indramayu will strengthen the management of the fishery product supply chain which can encourage increased productivity and welfare of fishing communities through price stability, as well as ensuring the supply of quality fish stocks to the community. Trenggono added that the existence of cold storage will also improve inter-regional connectivity which is part of efforts to strengthen as well as efficiency of national fish logistics.

In addition, the availability of employment opportunities and the development of human resources in using refrigeration technology are an absolute necessity for fish storage and distribution as well as the economic growth of cooperative-based SMEs.

“My hope is that it is well maintained and if necessary it can be even better. Small is okay as long as the high rotation is better. What is more important is that it is not only used for storage, but must be maintained so that it is not damaged,” he said.

The Director General of Strengthening the Competitiveness of Marine and Fishery Products (PDSPKP), Artati Widiarti said, fishery products that move from one point to another require performance that can guarantee timeliness, right quantity, right quality, and right location with effective and efficient costs. .

Based on this, KKP through the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Regulation Number 58 of 2021 concerning the National Fish Logistics System, continues to develop and strengthen the implementation of the National Fish Logistics System (SLIN) in synergy with regional SLINs.

“As Minister Trenggono mentioned, cold storage is an important part of the synergy between the central and regional SLIN programs,” said Artati.

In the future, the management of cold storage will be handed over to the Regional Government of Indramayu in collaboration with the Marine Fisheries Cooperative (KPL) Mina Sumitra as the manager of cold storage. “KPL Mina Sumitra is expected to be an off taker and aggregator for fishermen in the North Coast of Java Island (Pantura), especially in Indramayu Regency,” he said.

For information, Trenggono also handed over assistance worth Rp 3.69 billion with details in the form of 6-wheel refrigerated vehicles, development of aquaculture and training assistance for the Indramayu community, as well as educational assistance for the children of the main actors in Indramayu. There was also a symbolic handover of the Certificate of Feasibility of Fishing Vessels to Indramayu fishermen.

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