2,100 Houses Prepared for Ex-East Timor Residents in Kupang

The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) will soon build 2,100 housing units for former East Timorese residing in Kupang Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, and do not yet have permanent housing.

"The construction process for this house will begin in November 2022 so that by 2023 residents of former East Timor will be able to occupy houses assisted by the central government," said Head of the East Nusa Tenggara Regional Settlement Infrastructure Center of the PUPR Ministry, Nurmansyah Wartabone in Kupang, NTT, Tuesday, October 19, 2022.

He said the 2,100 housing units built on an area of 91.94 hectares were type 36 houses and spread over four villages, namely Kuimasi Village, Oebola Village, Camplong 2 Village, and Tolnako Village.

He explained that the construction of the 2,100 houses will begin in early 2023, but the auction process for the construction of the house has already begun in November 2022.

"The physical construction of the building will begin in early 2023 so that the residents of former East Timor will soon have a home," he said.

Nurmansyah expressed his gratitude to the Regent of Kupang and his staff who were very proactive in preparing the documents needed to support the construction of the thousands of houses.

"Masneno Regent and his staff in Kupang Regency are very responsive to the needs of the people. We should say thank you," said Nurmansyah.

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