5 Tips for Choosing Furniture for Small Room


Decorating a small room is not easy, you must have a strategy so that it doesn’t look cramped. However, that does not mean a narrow room can not be pleasing to the eye.

There are several considerations that you should prioritize when decorating, one of which is the selection of furniture. Choosing furniture for a small room is certainly a challenge.

Choose furniture that has multiple functions to save space. Here are some considerations for buying furniture for a small room.

1. Pay attention to the size

If positioned correctly, large pieces of furniture can make a room feel larger. Meanwhile, placing small furniture can be narrower.

For that, consider where you will place the furniture. Is it in the middle or in the corner of the room?

2. Look for a variety of shapes

In order for the contents of the room to look balanced, you should buy a variety of furniture with different shapes and sizes.

For example, if you have a round lamp and round mirror, you might want to use a rectangular coffee table and a rug that has a different pattern to balance the shape.

3. The exact pattern

Although having varied shapes can balance the shape of the room, you should avoid using motifs or patterns that are too complicated.

For example, you buy a chair with intricate carvings, then add a carpet with an abstract motif to make the house feel fuller.

It’s best if the chair has a complicated shape or pattern, you can use a rug with a simple or plain pattern in the same color.

4. Materials

You can do a little research about the material for making furniture. Choose a material that is durable, such as wood, this furniture material has strong durability.

Not only that, wood also makes the room look more natural. Also make sure you check the quality of the finishing and the fabric.

5. The right color

Color is certainly an important element in choosing furniture. If you like a nature theme, then go for soft colors.

Don’t be afraid to choose a bright color like orange, yellow or red. You simply put one piece of furniture with a light color so that the room looks fresher.

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