6 Most Expensive House Plants, Prices Up to Billions Rupiah


Ornamental plants have become one of the most popular hobbies during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, ornamental plants are developing not only as a stress reliever but also as a source of money.

Here are the six most expensive ornamental plants.

1. Fiddle fig plant

The plant, which is often called “ketapang biola”, is priced at IDR 1.2 million to IDR 6 million. This plant is widely used as a decoration in the home or office. This plant with the name ficus lyrata can grow almost 5 meters in tropical rain forests.

Indoors, this plant can grow to a maximum of 3 meters with proper care. Its distinctive leaves have made this plant one of the most popular in recent decades.

The reason for the high price of this plant is due to high consumer demand, which pushes prices up. In addition, this plant is very sensitive to air quality. They do not like dry or windy air, as well as excessive sunlight.

2. Garden monstera

It’s no secret that this plant has a fantastic price. The name monstera comes from the Latin monstrous or means abnormal.

This plant has leaves that are torn or perforated so it is also known as the widow’s hole. Monstera has many types, one of which is monstera deliciosa.

This type of Monstera has a fantastic price of Rp. 75 million. Other types have numbers that are no less fantastic.

This plant is very popular among ornamental plant lovers because of its unique shape, and the price is also expensive. However, this plant is difficult to breed.

3. Hoya carnosa compact

Another plant with a unique variation, Hoya carnosa compacta became the most expensive ornamental plant ever sold at Trade Me in June 2020. One of its members sold it for Rp. 96 million.

4. Philodendron Minima plants

The tropical Rhaphidophora Tetrasperm is the Philodendron Minima. This plant is often referred to as ‘Mini Monstera’ or ‘Piccolo.’

This plant species was once sold on the Trade Me site for USD 8,150 or Rp. 120 million in August 2020.

One of the reasons this plant is expensive is that it only has four leaves. Some of the tricks that these plant sellers do is to add a description of the “very rare” plant.

5. Shenzhen orchid plant

The Shenzhen Nongke Orchid is an orchid created 100 percent by mankind, or rather this orchid was developed by scientists for 8 years in the laboratory.

Plant lovers can practice patience when growing these orchids, as they can take between 4-5 years to bloom. When blooming, this orchid gives off a certain aroma.

This plant is so rare that only a few can breathe its aroma. Even this type of orchid was auctioned at a price of Rp. 2.9 billion.

6. Bonsai plants

Bonsai trees attract the attention of plant lovers, especially indoors. The highest priced Bonsai is the centuries-old White Pine. This plant was once sold for 100 million yen or around Rp. 10 billion at the 11th Asia-Pacific Bonsai and Suiseki Convention & Exhibition in Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan.

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