BP Tapera Distributes IDR 15.64 Trillion FLPP Funds for 153,540 Houses


The People’s Housing Savings Management Agency (BP Tapera) recorded the distribution of the Housing Financing Liquidity Facility (FLPP) as many as 153,540 units worth Rp. 15.64 trillion as of September 14, 2022.

BP Tapera Commissioner Adi Setianto said that for the second quarter of 2022, BP Tapera targets the distribution of FLPP funds of 141,547 units worth Rp. 15.73 trillion. He is optimistic that the target will be achieved by the end of September.

“We were able to exceed the target by achieving 100.57 percent in terms of rupiah, while in terms of units it has reached 92.19 percent,” he said as quoted from the official website, Friday, September 16, 2022.

This year, based on the 2020-2024 National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN), BP Tapera is targeted to distribute 200 thousand units of FLPP funds worth Rp23 trillion.

In 2023, BP Tapera is again targeted to distribute FLPP funds of 220 thousand units worth Rp. 25.18 trillion, consisting of DIPA of Rp. 19.48 trillion and Projected Revolving Funds of Rp. 5.7 trillion.

“With the addition of the 2023 FLPP budget and quota, we are still optimistic that we can distribute it according to the set target,” he explained.

He believes that the addition is expected to be able to increase public access, especially Low-Income Communities (MBR) in having affordable and livable houses which will ultimately reduce the backlog in Indonesia.

Adi expressed his appreciation to the channeling banks and developers who have supported the achievement of the set targets. However, he still reminded that the achievements that have been achieved remain by prioritizing quality and target accuracy in accordance with applicable regulations.

Currently, BTN and BTN Syariah in the same period have distributed as many as 92,232 units, BNI as many as 13,671 units, BRI has distributed as many as 13,026 units, BJB as many as 5,708 units and BSI as many as 4,635 units and the rest from 28 other channeling banks.

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