BTN Distributes Subsidized Mortgages for 3.9 Million Houses Worth Rp209.7 Trillion


PT Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN) is the largest distributor of subsidized Home Ownership Loans (KPR) for all segments in Indonesia. BTN has disbursed KPR since 1976 until the middle of this year, for more than 5 million units.

President Director of Bank BTN Haru Koesmahargyo said of the 5 million units, as many as 3.9 million of them were subsidized mortgages with a mortgage disbursement value of Rp209.7 trillion.

“With this achievement, BTN becomes the leader of the subsidized mortgage market share where as of March 2022 BTN holds 38.5 percent of the mortgage market share while in the subsidized mortgage segment BTN controls 84.5 percent of the market,” he said in a written statement, Friday, August 26, 2022. .

BTN’s commitment to helping Low-Income Communities (MBR) is realized by distributing subsidized mortgages in collaboration with developers. Not limited to financing for housing supply and demand, BTN also has programs that make it easier for potential consumers to access and obtain mortgage facilities.

“In the future, we are in the process of preparing digital mortgage services in one hand ( mobile app ) to facilitate public access to fulfill their housing needs and other needs,” he explained.

On the eve of the peak of National Housing Day (Hapernas) which was held on August 25, BTN received an award as the bank that succeeded in distributing the most subsidized mortgages for all segments in Indonesia.

Minister of Public Works and Housing Basuki Hadimuljono emphasized that the government remains committed to realizing decent and affordable housing, including by ensuring a subsidy budget from the Government for subsidized housing financing programs.

“Next year, the budget provided by the government for FLPP is as much as 220 thousand units, overall government assistance for housing will increase from Rp29 trillion this year to Rp34 trillion next year,” said Basuki.

At Hapernas, the Minister invited the younger generation to buy houses with the Transit of Development (TOD) system.

“If TOD buys a house, you get a train, so you have a house every time the train picks up, secondly, if you rent, the price will definitely go up, while the installments are getting smaller and smaller,” said Basuki.

Basuki hopes that there will be mutual cooperation, BTN, REI, APERSI, HIMPERRA and all stakeholders in the property sector.

Director General of Housing Iwan Suprijanto said this year’s Hapernas specifically appreciates good practices in the housing sector that have been carried out by the Regional Government, Association of Housing Development Actors, and Banking.

“Efforts to increase home ownership in the context of alleviating the backlog are not only the task of the central government, but also need collaboration from all stakeholders in the housing sector, including local governments, banks, associations and development actors, housing activists and philanthropic institutions, and of course also needed. support from the entire community in order to achieve decent and affordable housing for all,” he said.

For this reason, Iwan hopes that stakeholders will build more synergistic collaboration with all stakeholders in the housing sector, as well as increase joint commitment in solving housing challenges and problems throughout Indonesia.

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