Disadvantages of using open shelves at home

Open shelves are becoming a popular home decoration trend because they are widely used. The open shelf style makes the room look more aesthetic and beautiful.

The use of shelves is also a solution for storing items in the kitchen. The open shelving model also makes it easier for you to find the items you need

However, there are some things that are annoying when using open shelves, as reported by The Spruce , here are the disadvantages of using open shelves.

1. Routine cleaning is needed

Behind its beauty, the main problem with using open shelving is the accumulation of dust and dirt. Therefore, you must be diligent and regularly clean the shelves and also the items that fill the shelves.

“When you leave things out in the open, they will collect dust and anything that can fly. Dog hair is a common occurrence in our homes,” says designer Monique Wright of Monique Wright Interior Design.

If you are a person who is rarely at home and lazy to clean shelves, then it is not recommended to use open shelves.

Home Instagrammer Chelsea Coulston of Making Home Base says that it would be nice if open shelves were used for frequently used items so they don’t collect dust on the shelves.

2. Neatness is a must

In addition to having to be routinely cleaned, the use of open shelves should also be neat when it comes to arranging items. At first the open shelves will look very beautiful with the arrangement of the items that decorate it, but after some time they will all look messy.

Therefore you need to tidy up every item that has been used.

“Because everything is open, then aesthetics do matter,” says Monique Wright.

In open shelves, you definitely want to display something and will use it and then restore it well, so open shelves are not necessarily in line with a minimalist lifestyle.

3. Reduced storage space

Open shelves are not necessarily storage friendly. With open shelves, you will lose some storage space and not be able to store things by stacking them.

“Especially with a smaller kitchen, there needs to be serious consideration between form and function,” continued Monique Wright.

4. A rather complicated installation

The next thing to consider before using open shelving is in terms of installation. Open shelves will have sturdy and heavy materials, for that you need to ensure the condition of the walls so that they are not damaged and burdened when supporting the shelf.

For an even better choice, you can use a professional to choose the right rack and installation.

“In general, to avoid open shelving that looks too thin, you want a shelf that’s sturdy enough. What this means is that you need to have a heavier shelf, which requires more expert installation,” he says.

5. Hard to hide cables

Last but not least , when you want to use decorative lights or other electrical cables, it is very difficult to hide these cables on open shelves.

Instagram user Kayla Nelson provides a way to solve this problem, it just takes a little creativity. He said that the wires on the open shelves he tends to hide with ornamental plants.

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