The Distribution of Housing PSU Assistance Will Use e-Catalog


The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) through the Directorate General of Public Housing and Commercial Housing will facilitate the distribution of housing development, especially the distribution of infrastructure, facilities and utilities (PSU) assistance for subsidized housing developers.

Director of Public Housing and Commercial at the Directorate General of Housing, Ministry of PUPR Fitrah Nur said that in the future the process of distributing PSU assistance will use e-catalogs as an alternative procurement, so that the procurement process for PSU construction services can run faster.

"The use of this e-catalog is a pioneer and the first history of procurement of construction services at the Directorate General of Housing, Ministry of PUPR. We (Ministry of PUPR-ed) have prepared a sectoral electronic catalog or e-catalog to make it easier for developers to get PSU assistance," he said in a written statement, Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

According to Fitrah, the use of the PSU assistance e-catalog is one of the PUPR Ministry's efforts to encourage and facilitate housing developers, especially subsidized houses, to access PSU assistance.

Developers or construction service providers can access through the Electronic Procurement Service (LPSE) e-catalog to register themselves as a provider to be selected by the Commitment Making Officer (PPK) or procurement official as the executor of the PSU assistance development.

This is also in accordance with Presidential Instruction I 2025 concerning the Acceleration of the Implementation of Government Procurement of Goods/Services in the fourth Dictum, namely Accelerating system development for e-procurement and establishing e-purchasing based on e-catalogue. The stages of implementing the PUPR Ministry's Sectoral Electronic Catalog, especially the sub-sector of PSU assistance work for public housing, are also in accordance with LKPP Regulation Number 9 of 2021.

The signing was carried out by the Commitment Officer for Self-help Houses and Public and Commercial Houses, the Riau Islands Province Housing Provision Work Unit, Suwindar Agung Sutianto with CV Minang Batuah representatives, Oris Suprianja.

"The procurement of construction services for PSU assistance in the Riau Islands Province is a pioneer and the first history of procurement of construction services using the e-purchasing selection method with e-catalogs. next year," he said.

For information, before using the e-catalog, the Ministry of PUPR uses the procurement method of direct appointment to developers. However, this has encountered many obstacles because many developers do not have a Business Entity Certificate (SBU) for road construction and proposed PSU components. With the existence of this e-catalog, apart from accelerating the process of distributing aid, it is also a solution to the constraints on SBU requirements experienced by housing developers.

The form of PSU assistance distributed by the Ministry of PUPR to housing developers can be in the form of environmental roads, drainage, drinking water supply systems, infrastructure and waste facilities for government subsidized housing.

Several requirements for PSU proposals that must be completed by housing developers include building houses for low-income communities (MBR), subsidized housing capacity of at least 100 housing units and having built at least 50 percent in the field, land according to local government spatial planning, and submitting a letter requests and statements from developers.

"We hope that the use of this e-catalog can spur the One Million Houses Program while providing decent and affordable housing for the people of Indonesia," he hoped.

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