Government Fixes Public Residential Environments due to Climate Change


The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing ( PUPR ) targets 100 percent smart living (smart housing) in 2030, namely 100 percent drinking water services, 0 ha of slum areas, and 100 percent sanitation services.

Head of the Regional Infrastructure Development Agency (BPIW) Rachman Arief Dienaputra said to make it happen, the PUPR Ministry encourages collaboration and coordination from all key stakeholders, including professional associations.

“In addition to the sanitation of residential and residential environments, environmental engineering science is also related to handling air pollution, controlling environmental impacts, public health, and mitigating and adapting to climate change,” he explained in a written statement, Sunday, September 4, 2022.

Likewise with the waste sector, services have reached 80.2 percent but have experienced many problems in handling waste sources and final disposal sites. In the wastewater sector, the handling of domestic and industrial wastewater also requires very serious attention.

“For this reason, the Ministry of PUPR really expects innovation and real performance from all Indonesian sanitation and environmental engineering experts to jointly provide input and recommendations in order to increase the capacity and quality of drinking water and sanitation infrastructure both in urban and rural areas, including in rural areas. strategic national priority,” he said.

He hopes that the Indonesian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering Experts (IATPI) can carry out its role as part of the agent of change for drinking water and municipal sanitation services in Indonesia. It is also hoped that IATPI can become the government’s partner in finding solutions related to urban development activities in Indonesia that are smart , green , and for all groups of community.

“The Ministry of PUPR is committed to collaborating with professional associations, including IATPI, to create competent, professional, and world class environmental engineers in filling the needs of construction experts from the regional to national levels,” he said.

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