STUNTECH, an App for Early Detection of Stunting by UGM Students


Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) students developed an application for early detection of stunting, STUNTECH. The application also makes it easy to use with or without a child’s medical history.

STUNTECH was created by Putri Rahmadyani Condroasih (FKKMK), Roihatul Jannah (SV), M Fahru Rozi (SV), Kevin Agusto Sastramiharja (SV), and Nur Ismail Rizkyawan (FT). The application was made through the UGM Student Creativity Program (PKM-KC) with funding from the Ministry of Education and Technology.

Putri said that the initial development of the STUNTECH application started with the high prevalence of stunting in the country. In addition, various nutritional problems in children can have a significant and serious impact on public health.

“Therefore, we consider it necessary to develop technology in the form of applications and websites that collect anthropometric examination data for children for early detection of stunting and provide an all-in-one platform for stunting sufferers that is accessible,” said Putri, quoted from the page, Thursday, August 18, 2022.

Putri said the problem of stunting needs to be a common concern. Because stunting in children can be associated with an increased risk of disease in children and death.

Putri and the team hope that the STUNTECH development can provide reports or early warnings if there are indications of stunting. “With STUNTECH, it can be used to monitor children’s health conditions as an effort to prevent stunting,” he said.

Meanwhile, Roihatul Jannah said the application they made did not only provide reports or early warnings if there were indications of stunting. The application is also equipped with features, such as data on children’s health history and health conditions, educational features in the form of information on stunting, and recommendations for nutritional content in food along with meal reminders.

In addition, there are also maps that show the nearest health facilities and experience consultation features between users and users, as well as users and nutritionists. The STUNTECH application can now be downloaded via the link

He said that in the future STUNTECH will be developed so that it can be integrated with health service providers and the government. These things are intended to facilitate the search for risk factors and stunting management.

Meanwhile, the assistant lecturer for the STUNTECH development team, Arta Farmawati, said that the application developed by UGM students was a new innovation that was expected to be useful for parents and health workers. Mainly, to monitor the growth and development and health of children, especially those at risk of stunting.

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