The Excellence of Bonita, the Red Cayenne Pepper, an Innovation of IPB University

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB University) launched one of the superior varieties of red cayenne pepper named Bonita IPB. Red chili pepper Bonita IPB is a non-hybrid variety but has a productivity equivalent to a hybrid.

The research team of Bonita IPB was chaired by Prof. M Syukur and consisted of Prof. Sobir, Dr. Awang Maharijaya, Dr. Arya Widura Ritonga, Invite, SP, MSi, Sulassih, SP, MSi, MR Alfarabi Istiqlal, SP, MSi, Abdul Hakim, SP, MSi. They are lecturers/researchers at the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture IPB University and the Center for Tropical Horticultural Studies (PKHT) IPB University.

Syukur said that the assembly of superior varieties of cayenne pepper Bonita IPB was carried out starting in 2013, which was directed at increasing productivity. The advantage of Bonita IPB is that the productivity per plant reaches 13-15 tons/ha with a potential yield of 20 tons/ha or 1.1 kg/plant.

"The number of fruits per plant reaches 325 fruit and the age of starting harvest is 85-90 Days After Planting (DAT). The level of spiciness is relatively high, with capsaicin content ranging from 50,000-75,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU)," he explained.

He explained that the female parent used was IPB C295 cayenne pepper, a donor of long fruit size and adapted well in the lowlands to highlands. The male elder is cayenne pepper IPB C285, which is a large number of fruit donors.

"The cross of the two produces Bonita IPB chili peppers with high yields through increasing the number of fruits and adapting both in the lowlands to the highlands," he said during the Launching of IPB's Leading Research Results Batch 8 held by the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University on Campus Dramaga, Bogor, Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

As one of Indonesia's leading horticultural commodities, red cayenne pepper ( Capsicum frutescens L. ) is often a national issue, because the price is very volatile. The price can even reach Rp. 200,000/kg. This is because more than 60 percent of chili consumption is fresh.

“Consumption of fresh chili requires this product to be available at all times in a fresh state and cannot be stored for long. This requires good management and cultivation technology. Superior varieties are one of the most important components of cayenne pepper cultivation technology," he said.

Another advantage of Bonita IPB was revealed by one of the partner farmers. Based on the testimony of chili farmers in Temanggung, Bonita IPB is categorized as somewhat resistant to the yellow curly virus. Despite being attacked by the curly virus, Bonita IPB still bears fruit.

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