UB Students Offer Coffee Fermentation Services Using Tropical Fruits


Universitas Brawijaya (UB) students developed and offer coffee fermentation services using tropical fruit called FERSERVE. This coffee fermentation service uses a self-produced fermentation kit.

The fermentation kit consists of a bioreactor and microorganisms (yeast and lactic acid bacteria) from tropical fruits such as mango, banana or jackfruit. The bioreactor is used as a place for anaerobic coffee fermentation, while yeast and lactic acid bacteria are used as controlled fermentation agents.

The five UB students are Athalita Salma RP (FTP’20), Djie Helios J (FTP’20), Hisyam Iqomatuddin S (FTP’20), Marcella Octavina K (FTP’20), Kadek Bintang I. L (FTP’19 ). They were guided by Tunjung Mahatmanto, STP, M.Si, Ph.D. Coffee fermentation can improve the taste and aroma of the coffee produced and reduce caffeine levels in coffee to prevent stomach inflammation.

Reported from the UB page, FERSERVE accepts fermentation services for all types of coffee with a service fee of Rp. 10 thousand per kilogram of coffee cherries. FERSERVE’s fermentation services can increase the quality and value of the client’s coffee.

FERSERVE’s efforts are realized in the Entrepreneurship Student Creativity Program (PKM-K) organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Partners who have used FERSERVE services testify that the green bean coffee produced has a fruity and sweet aroma.

Suci H. Rini, the owner of the fermented coffee brand ONENO and Untung Murdiyatmodari Fermentino, agrees that the light roasted coffee beans have cupping notes with a light body . These characteristics result from a controlled coffee fermentation process that produces a complex of compounds with a distinctive taste.

FERSERVE is here to improve the quality of coffee beans due to the challenges of producing quality coffee in Indonesia. The domestic coffee industry market is very large, where Indonesia produces around 9 percent of the world’s coffee bean production.

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