Against Persebaya, Bali United Wants to Continue Victory Record


Bali United is ready to maintain the positive trend against Persebaya Surabaya in the 2022/2023 Liga 1 continued match at the Bung Tomo Stadium, Surabaya, Friday (2/9), after three consecutive wins.

The positive note was opened with a 2-1 win at home to PS Barito Putera (18/8), conquering Persib at home with a final score of 3-2 (23/8), and most recently partying four goals without replying to Persik (27/). 8) at home alone.

Bali United coach Stefano Cugurra, quoted from the club’s official website, Tuesday, reminded that the strength of the team from East Java must be watched out for, because anything can happen in football when a match has already taken place.

“Persebaya this season has lost some good players. But in the current competition, they have also managed to bring in some good players to watch out for,” said Teco, Stefano’s greeting.

Of the seven matches that have been undertaken, the Brazilian coach also often makes a number of changes to the composition of his “starter”. Several adjustments were made by Teco in several sectors of Bali United’s game.

The back line, especially the central defenders, is one that often changes. The combination of Jajang Mulyana, Haudi Abdillah, and Willian Pacheco took turns guarding the heart of Bali United’s defense.

Of the seven matches, the duo Jajang Mulyana and Willian Pacheco played together more often. Four times they both served together as a fortress for Bali United. Both of them even contributed one and two goals respectively for Serdadu Tridatu.

Likewise with the right wing back sector. Made Andhika, who was dominant in all matches last season, this time he took turns in charge of the right-back sector with Novri Setiawan. Not only in the rear sector, but changes also often occur on the front lines. To be precise, the wing posts were alternately filled by Yabes Roni and Irfan Jaya as starters.

Both are famous for their speed and agility, often taking turns as Privat Mbarga’s tandem in attack to help Ilija Spasojevic as the spearhead.

Nevertheless, both Irfan Jaya and Yabes Roni can always carry out their duties properly. Most recently, he was able to become the actor of Bali United’s victory with a final score of 4-0 over Persik (27/8) thanks to his quick goal in the 8th minute.

“I think all the players in each position have quality in the team. All players have a little difference in style so sometimes we have to look at the opponent to choose players who are suitable for the opponent,” said the former Persebaya physical coach. “Sometimes we have to defend more so we choose players who are more defensive. When it comes to attacking, we choose players who can score goals.”

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