Aji Santoso's Sky High Praise to Persebaya Midfielder Marselino


Marselino Ferdinand shouted and immediately took off the jersey he was wearing after his shot from outside the penalty area shot into the right side of the PSIS Semarang goal.

He immediately ran towards the north stand, followed by other Persebaya players. The 18-year-old player celebrated with Bonek and other Green Force players.

The celebration was so emotional that the referee awarded a yellow card. But, the celebration was well worth it.

Because, his goal in the 90+5 minute was the determinant of three points for Persebaya over its guest, PSIS Semarang, at the Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium yesterday (23/8) afternoon.

The long awaited win in the last three matches.

”This goal is very important for me and the team. This is my first goal in GBT in front of Bonek,”said Marselino.

Apart from that, the goal was also extraordinary because for the first time he was able to celebrate in front of his older brother, Oktafianus Fernando, who was wearing the PSIS uniform. “That’s the most important thing, I can beat my brother,” he continued.

Yes, since D-1 before the match until a few minutes before kickoff sounded yesterday afternoon, Marsel and Ovan – greeting Oktafianus Fernando – were involved in a war of nerves. The two of them were still teasing each other. Sure can beat each other. ”But in the end I got the inheritance (victory), my brother lost,” he explained.

In fact, the process of scoring goals outside the penalty box that he did yesterday a few years back was the suggestion of his brother. It was Ovan who often told Marselino that his long-range shot could be a weapon in a match. ”Yes, finally I kept on sharpening, learning on my own,”he said.

Persebaya coach Aji Santoso praised the Indonesian U-19 national team midfielder sky-high. He also admitted that Marselino did have a powerful long-range kick.

”I also always emphasize to dare to take long-distance kicks. And it worked,” he explained.

Aji had actually given up on yesterday afternoon’s match. He thought the final result would be a draw for Persebaya and PSIS. The man from Malang was sincere if he received harsh criticism from Bonek for failing to win again at GBT. “If I don’t win, I can’t say anything,” he said.

The goal from Marselino was also praised by PSIS coach Sergio Alexandre. According to him, the youngest of four siblings is very smart in placing the ball in the right corner of the goal far from Wahyu Tri’s reach.

”We also do not press in that area. So, he can aim well,”he said.

The older brother, Ovan, could not speak much either. He admitted that his brother and Persebaya deserved to win yesterday afternoon. ”Persebaya did appear better than us,” he explained.

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