Announces Resignation, Azrul Ananda: Players and Coaches Don't Worry

Bonek demands #YahyaOut after Persebaya Surabaya swallowed a hat-trick of defeat. Azrul Ananda, the club president, immediately held a press conference session at Sutos yesterday (16/9) afternoon. He was accompanied by the manager, Yahya Alkatiri.

Instead of firing Yahya. It was Azrul who resigned. He resigned his position as CEO of Persebaya.

“I am the CEO and president of the club. If someone says, ‘Love Persebaya, hate management’, that means it is directed at me. Not Candra (Wahyudi), Ram (Surahman), or others. The one who should be in charge of everything is the CEO. And, that is me. So, what I have to evaluate is myself,” said Azrul.

The man from Surabaya has acquired Green Force since 2017. Persebaya was brought to the champions of Liga 2 in the same year.

Then, Persebaya had become the runner-up of Liga 1 2019. In fact, Green Force managed to win the 2020 East Java Governor’s Cup. Azrul felt that he had returned Persebaya to its rightful place.

“But, if you look at the current condition, I evaluate myself. Am I the right person to bring Persebaya to where the friends want (Bonek)?” Azrul said.

Indeed, as long as Azrul has been in charge, Persebaya has never won Liga 1. Because of this, Azrul feels that he is not capable of controlling the Green Force.

“Everyone wants Persebaya to win. I have the same wish. But, I want Persebaya to win in the right way. Maybe my way is not liked and does not match the expectations of all of my friends, “explained Azrul.

This condition made the 45-year-old man leave his position at Persebaya. He will send his resignation letter officially on Monday (19/9).

The decision to resign at once broke the vicious circle.

“Why did I decide like this (withdraw)? Because I don’t want to be stuck in a vicious circle. This is my term. I call it a vicious circle. If a team loses, there is always a request for an out manager, out coach, out manager, out coach. It will not solve the problem,” said Azrul.

He also wanted to immediately leave his current position. “All responsibilities, all burdens, we will solve as best we can. We will solve it legally well. People who know me will understand that I will be responsible,” said Azrul.

He would sort out all the contracts and stuff. He didn’t want any players or coaches to complain after he left.

“Players and coaches don’t worry. We’ll sort it all out without any complaints or anything. We will continue to support this team until the end of the season.”

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