Appeal to PSSI Komdis Decision, Persebaya Prepares Legal Team

Persebaya Surabaya's burden is getting heavier. Yesterday the management received a letter from the PSSI Komdis. It contained, two sanctions imposed.

The first is a fine of Rp. 100 million. Then, five home matches without spectators attended. That was the aftermath of the riots in the match against RANS Nusantara FC at the Gelora Delta Stadium, Sidoarjo (15/9).

How is management responding? ''We chose to appeal,'' said Secretary Persebaya Ram Surahman to Jawa Pos.

The appeal request was sent directly yesterday afternoon. The appeal process is not just about sending a letter.

''There are seven days for our legal team to prepare what the memory of the appeal. We will complete it soon,''said Ram.

According to Ram, the Green Force clearly do not want to be without spectators in five consecutive home games. Ram hopes the punishment can be reduced.

''We can not say how much the reduction in sanctions for home games without spectators. What is clear, we want the sentence to be lighter. As for how the Komdis decides, that's a matter of later. In essence, Persebaya asked for relief. Don't play five games,'' explained the man from Benjeng, Gresik Regency.

The decision was supported by Persebaya coach Aji Santoso. For the 52-year-old coach, the penalty for five home games without spectators is considered too severe. Not just for players.

''But from all aspects, from the business side to the football itself. Persebaya management must bear the material and immaterial losses,''said Aji to Jawa Pos.

Even so, Aji hopes that the sanctions this time will be a valuable lesson. Good for management, coaching team, and supporters. After this sanction, Aji made sure his team wanted to get up immediately. He also hopes the fans can be more mature in the future.

''Hopefully the disappointment is not vented in a negative way. I hope it doesn't happen again in the future. If there is no audience, the fans who love Persebaya will also be sad,'' explained the father of five children.

Green Nord Coordinator Husin Ghozali also hopes the same thing. He wants the sanctions to be a valuable lesson for Bonek.

“Regret is at the end. I hope Bonek has to accept the sanctions without an audience. In the future, fans will have to protest in a more elegant way. Don't be a hero, don't feel the most stupid. All must work together,'' said the man who is familiarly called Cak Cong.

Devara Noumanto also did not want a similar incident to repeat itself. However, the coordinator of the South Tribune felt that the five home matches without spectators were quite burdensome.

''Not only that, the fine in the form of money is also very heavy,'' said the man who is familiarly called Sinyo.

He also appreciated the management's decision to appeal. "We hope that this case will be a lesson for Bonek to be able to control his emotions better," said Sinyo.

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