Arema FC Management Does Not Allocate Tickets for Bonek in the East Java Derby

The management of Arema FC stated that they had not prepared a ticket quota for Persebaya Surabaya supporters (Bonek) when they hosted their opponent in the 11th week of the Indonesian League 1 match at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang Regency, Saturday (1/10) next week.

“We and Aremania have agreed not to give quotas to them. This is also in accordance with the agreement agreed at the East Java Regional Police in 2006 which stated that the two supporters did not visit each other,” said Chairman of the Panpel Arema FC Abdul Haris in Malang City, Saturday (24/9).

Haris said the meeting between management and Aremania representatives was held ahead of the famous East Java Super Derby and resulted in eight points of agreement, including not providing quotas for Persebaya supporters.

This was taken with various considerations, especially to prevent provocations that might be carried out by irresponsible parties. “We have held a coordination meeting with Aremania, there are at least eight points from the results of the coordination meeting. This is solely done for the common interest and to keep Malang Raya conducive,” he said.

A number of other points that have been agreed upon, he continued, are that Aremania is asked not to sweep motorized vehicles that have a police number L or come from the Surabaya and surrounding areas.

Then, Aremania will give sanctions to unscrupulous supporters who carry out anarchic actions, pickpockets, and enter the stadium without a ticket. Aremania also asked the Singo Edan squad to pocket the full three points in the game full of prestige.

In addition, Aremania asked the police for assistance to provide escorts for Arema supporters who came from outside the city to watch the match at the Kanjuruhan Stadium.

Aremania in the Greater Malang area also agreed to provide food for supporters who came from outside the city, arrange for their return, including if they had to stay at the Kanjuruhan Stadium. “The agreement also asks the authorities, Arema FC management to control social media accounts that carry out provocative actions,” Haris said.

Aremania also asked security officers to check and tighten security at the entrances so that no intruders enter the stadium which could potentially cause chaos.

Haris added that the anticipatory steps taken one week before the match were aimed at preventing unwanted things from happening in the East Java Super Derby. “Through careful consideration, it was decided that the Panpel would comply with the direction of the police by not giving quotas to Persebaya supporters in Kanjuruhan. In addition, Aremania also highlights provocations on social media, this is what we must suppress together,” he said.

The East Java Super derby next Saturday (1/10) will be overshadowed by a somewhat contradictory situation between the two teams, as Arema under the tutelage of new Chilean coach Javier Roca slowly began to find a way back to winning ways, while Persebaya lost in three games. his last match.

Arema currently ranks ninth in the Liga 1 standings with a collection of 14 points, while Persebaya in 14th place is only four points adrift after in their last match Bonek vented his anger by destroying a number of facilities at the Delta Sidoarjo Stadium – which was boarded as a temporary home due to the qualification event. 2023 U-20 Asian Cup – after losing 1-2 to RANS Nusantara FC.

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