Deltras Has Several Options for Fencing Its Players

The continuation of the competition is not yet clear. Deltras FC management is also preparing to take anticipatory steps. One of them is about player contracts.

The majority of players are contracted until the competition is complete. However, League 2 can finish beyond the specified time limit. Because, until now there is no certainty of competition. The player's contract could have expired while Liga 2 was running.

Deltras CEO Amir Burhannudin is aware of this. Because of that, he had several options to fence off his players. One of them is to add to the contract.

''Indeed until now there has been no discussion about it (addendum). However, there must be a plan to go there,'' said Amir when contacted by Jawa Pos.

So, when will the addendum talks be held? Amir could not give a definite answer. ''Because everything depends on the competition. Until now, there has been no notification regarding the competition,'' he explained.

What is clear, the man who is also the deputy chairman of the East Java PSSI Asprov will meet all the needs of the players.

Even so, the management of Deltras FC did not want to join. They make sure all the salaries of players, coaches and official staff are safe.

''Since our acquisition until now, salaries for all elements in Deltras have always been smooth. We also continue to pay all salaries even though there is no competition,'' said the manager of the East Java soccer team when he won bronze at the 2021 PON XX Papua.

Amir hopes that all will soon find clarity. He also wants the PSSI extraordinary congress (KLB) process to run smoothly.

''We have also received a circular letter about this (KLB) sent by PSSI. So, now we're just waiting for the time when,''explained Amir.

With the decision to accelerate the KLB, Amir hopes that it will be a moment of improvement for Indonesian football.

"Hopefully the KLB can be carried out quickly and as a moment of improvement in Indonesian football as directed by the president regarding the total transformation of Indonesian football," said Amir.

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