Inauguration of New PBFI East Java Management: Targeting 3 Gold in XXI PON


After being trapped in management dualism last year, the Indonesian Bodybuilding Fitness Association (PBFI) East Java finally had a new board.

Yesterday (5/9) the inauguration was held at the Novotel Samator Hotel, Surabaya. The target of 3 gold in PON XXI in 2024 was immediately announced by the new management.

Chairman of PBFI East Java, Raja Siahaan, emphasized that the target was considered very realistic. Moreover, the target was a response to the failure of the East Java PBFI at the Papua PON yesterday.

"Only two bronzes from the two gold targets," he said.

Moreover, the current management of PBFI East Java consists of many young people. He wants these young people to be able to give more achievements after being hit by the storm of management dualism a year ago.

"Our passion is to make PBFI East Java a barometer of bodybuilding fitness in Indonesia in the future," he said.

The man, who is also the owner of the AC Majapahit League 3 club, added that coaching for athletes will begin.

He has asked all city or district branch managers to make preparations as early as possible for athletes to prepare for the XXI PON in North Sumatra 2024 later.

In addition, at the end of December, a national championship will be held in East Java. Titled Mister Physical Indonesia.

"Followed by all provinces in Indonesia, we will use the event to select athletes who have not been monitored by us so far," he explained.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Central PBFI, Irwan Alwi, was very proud of the success of the inauguration yesterday afternoon.

According to him, even though it was hit by a complicated problem, PBFI East Java managed to get through it and had new, young members.

"My only hope is, let's work together to reduce the stigma of the use of doping in this sport of bodybuilding and fitness," he said.

In fact, Irwan specifically asked the King and his staff to have a program for this. He hopes that there will be strict supervision when coaching athletes on doping issues.

“In order to be able to achieve without doping. It must be minimized from now on,” he explained.

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