Jorji Fails Hat-trick To Win Against 1st Rank BWF Akane Yamaguchi


Gregoria Mariska Tunjung a.k.a. Jorji, who won the record of two consecutive wins, must end in the last 32 of the 2022 World Badminton Championship after losing two straight games 12-21, 15-21 in Tokyo, Japan, Tuesday (23/8).

The result of the match which became the third meeting in three consecutive months between Jorji and Akane also ensured that Indonesia lost all of its representatives in the women’s singles number.

“I’m not satisfied with today’s performance, but I’m happy to meet Akane again. It is undeniable, Akane played better than the previous two meetings. She may have learned a lot for today’s match, it is very clear that his pattern and focus have increased so that he reduces his own mistakes,” said Jorji through PP PBSI’s written information.

Different from the previous two matches, the world number one badminton player played more neatly and displayed tenacity that was difficult to compete with Jorji. He’s been under pressure since the early half in both games, making it difficult for him to develop his game and gain points.

“Honestly, there was no pressure at all in the match. I also feel that there is no burden, but indeed the opponent can control the game. It’s difficult for me to apply the pattern I want, most of the time he just played according to his pattern,” he said. Seeing the result being stopped by the hosts’ representatives in the second round, forced Gregoria to improve his focus and enthusiasm ahead of the Japan Open next week.

Once again, the mental aspect is a homework that Jorji will improve before participating in the next tournament. “I don’t want to drag on with this result, I want to focus on the Japan Open next week. I want to maintain my spirit and confidence. Hopefully the results can be better,” he explained.

In the morning match session, another Indonesian women’s single, Putri Kusuma Wardani, was stopped first after being defeated by a Malaysian representative, Soniia Cheah. In her first meeting against Soniia, Putri had fought to the best of her ability and was able to put up a fight when she was left behind. Even so, Putri has not been able to play dominantly so that she ended the match with a thin score of 19-21, 18-21.

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