Long Drama Ends, Durant Agrees To Stay On The Brooklyn Nets


Basketball star Kevin Durant finally softened and agreed to stay at the Brooklyn Nets, after undergoing a meeting with the top brass of the NBA team accompanied by his agent.

Nets General Manager Sean Headquarters on Tuesday officially announced the agreement between them and Durant as broadcast on the NBA’s official channels.

“Steve Nash and I, along with Joe Tsai and Clara Wu Tsai, met Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman in Los Angeles yesterday. We agreed to continue working together,” Marks said in a statement.

“We are focused on basketball with one common goal: to build a sustainable organization to bring titles to Brooklyn,” Marks added in the same statement.

Nash is the head coach of the Nets, Tsai is the owner of the team, and Kleiman is Durant’s agent. The appearance of the statement of agreement was like the end of the drama of the relationship between Durant and the Nets.

ESPN and The Athletics previously reported that Durant met Tsai on June 30, just hours before the NBA’s 2022-23 player transaction window opened, expressing a desire to leave the Nets while asking the team to prepare various barter schemes that could be pursued.

The news came as a surprise, because Durant had just signed a four-year contract with a value of 198 million US dollars with the Nets. There has been speculation that Durant was disappointed by the Nets’ treatment of his teammate and best friend, Kyrie Irving, that made him want to leave.

The saga continues with a recent report earlier this month, which stated that Durant had no faith in the project the Nets wanted to build. Reports at the time even said Durant gave the Nets an ultimatum that he would only stay if the team removed Nash from the head coach seat.

The drama continued until senior NBA reporter, Marc Stein, released news that he claimed came from an executive officer for the rival Nets team, that Durant would choose to retire rather than stay at the Brooklyn club.

Durant immediately stepped down to deny the rumor “it’s better to retire than play for the Nets” through a tweet on his personal Twitter account, @KDTrey5. “I know more people will trust anonymous sources more than I do, but if there’s anyone out there who’s willing to listen, I have no plans to retire anytime soon. This shit is getting funnier now,” Durant tweeted on August 16.

With an official statement from Marks, Nets, which also bears the seal of Boardroom, the agency company formed by Durant, there is at least one bright spot from the drama that has been going on for almost the last two months.

Of course, it’s not impossible that Durant will still leave before the 2022-23 NBA rolls on October 18 or even before the season’s transaction deadline closes before All Star 2023 week on February 19 next year.

Moreover, The Athletics columnist Shams Charania has just reported that the Memphis Grizzlies are exploring their plans to recruit Durant through a barter scheme.

Durant began his NBA career as a second-choice 2007 Draft selected by the Seattle Supersonics, an organization that has since 2008 changed its name to the Oklahoma City Thunder. In his inaugural season, Durant won the NBA Rookie of the Year award for Best Debutant Player of the Year 2008, before winning the 2014 NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) trophy, unfortunately in that season the Thunder had to be willing to stop in the Western Conference finals after being eliminated by the San Antonio Spurs. through six games.

In the 2016 NBA Western Conference finals, the Thunder had a 3-1 lead over the Golden State Warriors but failed to maintain that lead and Durant’s dream of reaching the NBA finals evaporated again. In the 2016-17 NBA transaction window, Durant decided to leave the Thunder, joining the Warriors to get his first NBA championship ring.

Three seasons in the Warriors and winning two NBA championship rings and two Final MVP trophies, Durant took on a new challenge to collaborate with Irving in building a new title challenger team at the Nets since the summer of 2019. However, since recovering from an Achilles injury and taking the floor for the Nets, Durant two times had to feel left out in the first round of the playoffs without a single win.

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