Looking for Young Athletes, Student Category E-Sports Tournament will be held soon


In collaboration with Moonton Games, the developer of Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang, in the near future Infinix will hold the Infinix Gaming Master. This is an E-Sports competition aimed at the gaming community that was first held in 2021.

Just like last year’s event, Infinix Gaming Master still carries the same vision to find the hidden talents of young Indonesians in the field of e-sports. As is well known, e-sports is currently one of the fields that is starting to be looked at not only in terms of material, but also because of its achievements.

“We want them to be able to explore their potential in the e-sports field,” said Sergio Ticoalu, Country Marketing Manager of Infinix Indonesia.

This year’s Infinix Gaming Master will be present in the form of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang competition for high school and university students. This event will start from the pre-qualification round in every region of Indonesia. In addition to wide opportunities for all young Indonesians, Infinix Gaming Master also provides a prize pool with a total of IDR 115 million.

Participants who qualify for the next round have the opportunity to meet renowned Indonesian Gaming Masters, such as Jonathan Liandi and Oura who will guide them during the final round.

This is intended so that the participants gain valuable knowledge and experience from former pro players who have competed in the world competition arena and have won the world title in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game.

Erina Tan as Senior Partnerships Manager for Moonton Games on the same occasion explained that contributions from various parties are needed to build a more mature ecosystem, and Infinix has a mature provision for gamers in Indonesia.

Infinix Gaming Master is also part of the Project Next series, which is a large-scale game update event, where as of the end of September 2022, all participants can use the new version of the emblem, which in the future will be referred to as talent to show their talents,” explained Erina.

The participant registration process will begin on August 17-25 September 2022 through the official Infinix Gaming Master website. On this page, participants can find out in full about the Infinix Gaming Master schedule and the selection process.

For Infinix Gaming Master 2022, Infinix targets 2,500 participants and 50 schools from various regions in Indonesia. The hope is that all young Indonesians can feel the atmosphere of E-Sports competition at a professional level as early as possible as their provision.

Infinix Gaming Master 2022 is expected to bring out new talents in the Indonesian E-Sports world and strengthen the gaming ecosystem evenly throughout Indonesia.

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