Persela Lamongan Will Practice Again When The Kickoff League 2 Is Clear

Persela Lamongan was one of the League 2 contestants who chose to give the squad a break during the postponement of the competition.

Since Liga 2 was suspended after the Kanjuruhan tragedy on October 1, Laskar Joko Tingkir has not held any training at all. All players were sent home and asked to do independent training.

In fact, Persela’s performance so far is still very poor. In seven matches, Zulham Zamrun et al only won once, drew 3 and lost 3 times.

Persela also has not found a replacement for Fakhri Husaini who was terminated by the management. This raises a big question mark.

Moreover, Persela currently needs to conduct an evaluation to be able to perform better.

Karteker Persela Charis Yulianto said, so far there is no plan to hold a training exercise.

”We are still waiting for confirmation after the manager’s meeting ,” he said. So far it is not clear when the League 2 manager meeting will be held.

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