Purwanto: Alfeandra Dewangga's throw was not a goal


Referee Totok Fitrianto's decision to annull Alfeandra Dewangga's throw-in goal was deemed correct. The assessment was conveyed by former national referee Purwanto.

What is the basis? "In accordance with Article 15 of the game rules, a throw-in cannot be confirmed as a goal if the ball has not been touched by another player. Be it opposing players or teammates,'' said Purwanto to Jawa Pos.

Once a goal is disallowed, no throw-in is repeated. "But, the game must start with a goal kick for Persib. Because previously PSIS did the throw-in,''said Purwanto.

This rule also applies if the throw-in goes into its own goal. He gave an example if PSIS threw a throw at their own goal.

"But then the ball went into the net without being touched by another player. The goal is invalid and the match must be continued with a corner kick for the opponent,''explained Purwanto.

What if there is a touch? "If there is a touch before entering the goal, it is declared a goal. Therefore, Purwanto praised the referee Totok Fitrianto.

"How he was very careful to see that the ball had not been touched by any player," he added.

He hopes it's not just the referee who reads the law of the game. But also the players. ''I think everyone on the field must understand how the law of the game is. Do not let because of ignorance, there will be excessive protests,'' he said.

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