Toothpaste Turns Out Ineffective Against Tear Gas That Gets In The Eyes

Tear gas shots during the match were also felt by the players on the field. It happened in the 1996–1997 Kansas League semifinals, which brought together Bandung Raya and Mitra Surabaya.

Several former players who appeared in the semifinals at that time gave their testimonies to Jawa Pos.


I can't imagine how tormented the victims were before they were killed when they inhaled tear gas at the Kanjuruhan Stadium last Saturday (1/10). How hurt their eyes, their chests. How panicked they were.

Because, I still remember very well how painful tear gas was. I ever felt. Precisely when the Kansas League semifinals in 1997 ago. At that time my team was Bandung Raya against Mitra Surabaya.

At that time, right in the stands behind my goal, the north stand of the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, there was a riot. The police on duty fired tear gas into the stands. Remember, towards the stands. Because there was not a single spectator who took to the field at that time. Riot in the stands.

He wanted the tear gas to disperse riots. But, in fact, we (players, Red), including myself who is 15 meters from the stands, also feel it. We felt it because the gas that was fired was carried away by the wind and aimed at the players on the pitch. My eyes sting. My chest was tight at that time.

I remember very well how the referee who led from South Korea staggered to save himself. The players also panicked, looking for mineral water. Me too, it hurts my eyes. The more you rub it, the more bitter it tastes.

We were given toothpaste under the eyes which was said to relieve the pain, but in fact it didn't work. All of the players, who were physically fit, were knocked out by tear gas. Once again yes, the tear gas was fired into the stands. We in the field just got hit by the wind.

Just hit by the wind, I felt a stinging and tightness in my chest until the night. We were all not strong enough to compete again that afternoon. The match was postponed and resumed the next morning.

So, I can't imagine how the supporters in Kanjuruhan will be. They immediately felt the tear gas. In a state of panic, dark, and congested. I can't imagine how messy it is. Trampled, difficult to breathe, until finally died. Nauzubillah.

PT LIB must be responsible for the incident. Especially why the high rivalry matches are played at night. Don't just care about money, think about humanity too.

Don't just think about television. Just play at night so people watch television. Mas, I am now 60 years old, half my life in football. Only in Liga 1 is the same as last season, I feel the matches are played at night.

There used to be none. Most of the night after sunset. Try to remember, Bandung Raya against Mitra Surabaya in the semifinals of the Kansas League at what time was the game played? Afternoon right?

It's an important game with two big teams. Stay late for safety's sake. Our football is going backwards. Not forward. The more they don't think about the safety of the people inside.

Only for television. I am deeply saddened. And hopefully Indonesian football won't take any more lives.

HERMANSYAH, Bandung Raya goalkeeper during the tear gas incident in the 1996–1997 Kansas League semifinals against Mitra Surabaya

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