Win 4 Titles in a row, Dejan/Gloria want more, more and more

Mixed doubles from PB Djarum Dejan Ferdinansyah/Gloria Emanuelle Widjaja recorded a good performance and solid consistency. In the last four tournaments, Dejan/Gloria have won the championship.

At the Indonesia International Challenge 2022 event in Malang today (16/10), Dejan/Gloria won. In the final at the Platinum Arena, Malang, Dejan/Gloria defeated the Chinese pair Jiang Zhenbang/Wei Yaxin in two straight games with a score of 21-18 and 22-20.

Before winning in Malang, Dejan/Gloria won the 2022 Denmark Masters, 2022 Indonesia International Series in Jogjakarta, and 2022 Vietnam Open.

“Praise God, thank you, Alhamdulillah, we are still given the opportunity to become champion in this first Malang tournament. One side is happy, one side is just the beginning of our struggle in the years ahead. More focus on preparation for next week (Indonesia Masters Super 100, ed),” said Gloria in an interview in the mixed zone.

"After this we are not champions anymore, we still have to focus on the next week," added Gloria.

Dejan/Gloria are not easy to frustrate Jiang/Wei. In the first game , the position was tight with the score 18-17. However, they escaped the pressure and finally finished the first game at 21-18.

In the second game , the match was tight. Left behind 3-6, Dejan/Gloria rose and took the lead at the interval at 11-10.

After that, the fight was fierce. There was one after another. Namely in situations 16-16, 18-18, and 19-19. Dejan/Gloria reached the first match point with a score of 20-19.

However, Jiang/Wei managed to equalize the score to 20-20. Finally, two unforced errors from the new Chinese pair who do not yet have a world ranking made Dejan/Gloria win the title in Malang.

“The key is that we trust each other more. There are times when the rotation is not good. But we think individually first, we communicate with each other, and trust each other," said Dejan.

“Alhamdulillah, the positive trend has continued by winning four titles. But I don't want to be complacent. Because this is just getting started. I myself want more, more and more,” added Dejan.

After the Indonesia International Challenge, Dejan/Gloria will compete in the Indonesia Masters Super 100 which will also take place in Malang. Dejan/Gloria who became the second seed in the tournament received a bye and immediately competed in the second round.

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