Yasonna Determined to Improve Kempo's Achievement at the International Level


Chairman of the Central Executive Board (PP) of the Indonesian Kempo Federation (FKI) Yasonna Hamonangan Laoly carried out a big mission in his leadership era by improving Indonesia’s kempo achievements at the international level, quoted from ANTARA .

This was stated by Yasonna at the inauguration ceremony of the FKI central level management (KTP) for the 2022-2026 service period which took place at the Ballroom of the JS Luwansa Hotel, Kuningan, Jakarta, Saturday (4/9) yesterday.

“We as administrators are obliged to show the achievements and existence of kempo, both nationally and internationally. This is what will differentiate us from the others,” said Yasonna.

Yasonna is committed to carrying out his duties as General Chairperson of PP FKI, moreover, he will be assisted by the board of directors who are proven to have a commitment to advancing Kempo Indonesia.

“I have the honor of being the general chairman of PP FKI. I don’t make it a burden, but a responsibility that we can share together. Many good people here have shown their achievements and we will continue this,” he added.

After receiving the handover of the FKI flag from the General Chairman of PP FKI 2018-2022 Timbul Thomas Lubis, Yasonna said that through the first meeting later his management would work hard to continue the baton that had been carried out by the previous management.

For information, the FKI knights have appeared to make the name of Merah Putih proud in the world. In May this year, Indonesia won medals at the XVIII Kempo World Championships in Hammamet, Tunisia, May 10-15, with 37 medals, consisting of seven gold medals, nine silver medals and 21 bronze medals.

“Seeing the achievements that have been achieved, I as the General Chairperson of FKI are certainly proud and this achievement must be improved. In the future, we plan to hold a National Championship in November 2022 to bring in teachers from Japan for the ‘DAN’ level increase test,” concluded Yasonna who is also the Minister of Law and Human Rights.

Meanwhile, Timbul Thomas Lubis believes that FKI can advance and prosper under Yasonna’s leadership who can continue to promote and promote this complex martial sport.

“We are grateful that the FKI management relay has gone perfectly. I am sure that under this new management with the general chairman, Mr. Yasonna, FKI can further improve the achievements of FKI in the world arena,” he said.

In the management of PP FKI 2022-2026, Thomas Lubis serves as senior vice chairman.

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