The Differences between Open and Closed System in Electric Cigarettes


The various types of e-cigarettes on the market are not yet fully known by the general public. As an alternative product, vapes come in various shapes, sizes, flavors, to the type of system that distinguishes them. However, in general, e-cigarette products have the same function, namely helping tobacco smokers who want to switch or stop smoking.

“What makes e-cigarette products popular all over the world? The most prominent thing is the electronic cigarette device that is presented with the so-called open system and closed system,” said the Chairman of the Convo, Hokkop Situngkir, in a written statement on Thursday.

The biggest difference between the two systems, he continued, is the refill mechanism. The open system is designed to be refilled by its users. In this device, there is an empty tank to be filled with e-liquid. Meanwhile, in a closed system device, there is nothing that can be refilled, after it is empty or exhausted, it is supposed to be immediately discarded.

Open System in all aspects is quite cheap and flexible to be changed according to the needs of its users. Everything can be changed from the durability, the coil material, the flow of smoke blowing from the device, to the battery strength that is helped because it can be recharged (this is the same as a closed system). Hokkop explained, for consumers who expect freedom, flexibility at affordable prices, choosing a device with an open system is a good option.

The device also provides a great advantage for its users because it offers a very varied and changeable flavor variant. The hundreds of e-liquid variants also ensure that consumers get a taste that really suits them. No less important, the price is relatively cheaper than that obtained in a closed system device. However, manual filling of liquids by consumers has risks as well. “In addition to the content contained in liquid products, which are not necessarily up to standard, if consumers mix one or two even several flavors at once, there is a risk that the content contained is not necessarily safe and the taste can be delicious but it can also be awkward,” added Hokkop.

Different things are felt when using a closed system device. Closed vape systems are considered much safer because of the content and liquid filling process that is carried out officially, aka the manufacturer. Not perfunctory according to the wishes of the user. Besides being guaranteed by the manufacturer concerned, the flavor variants that are served are also diverse and follow market tastes. “Closed systems are actually more exclusive even though they are slightly more expensive. It’s like we pay more for the safety and quality of the products we consume. Device closed systems also tend to be more practical in use, no need to bother changing coils or filling liquid tanks, suitable for lifestyle consumers simple,” concluded Hokkop.

With these comparisons, it is hoped that consumers will at least have a wise choice to prefer an open or closed system. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but at the same time complement each other and compete to get the sympathy of each consumer who certainly has different tastes and enthusiasm.

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