Digital Parenting App “RUANG Ortu by ASIA” Officially Launched


RUANG Ortu by ASIA, the first digital parenting application in Indonesia that makes it easy for parents to care for and monitor the progress of their children, was officially launched to the public on Saturday (13/8), at the Buya Hamka Hall, Al Azhar, South Jakarta.

DEF GHI as an application developer with Al Azhar Islamic School (ASIA) Alumni through the Asia Edu community, an organization that takes an active role by filling positions as partners for parents in the implementation of digital parenting, held a grand launch of Ruang Ortu by ASIA.[1]

The event was attended by representatives from the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture, the Al Azhar Indonesian Islamic Boarding School Foundation, parent and teacher organizations at Al Azhar schools, the President Director of the Marzoeki Mahdi Hospital in Bogor, Fidiansjah, and Ustadz Hamdi Solah Al-Bakry.

“We, as the developer of Ruang Ortu by ASIA, are very proud to be able to introduce for the first time to the public, an application that is very useful for parents in supervising their children’s use of devices,” said ASIA General Chair Mohammad Ilham Anwar, through a press release, Sunday. (14/8), in Jakarta.

Then, Director of DEF GHI Rafik Ahmad stated, “In its journey, the development, development, and launch of this application today, cannot be separated from the intervention of various parties.”

“Therefore, we have high hopes that the Ruang Ortu application by ASIA can continue to be socialized in schools in Indonesia,” explained Rafik.

On this occasion, the Assistant Deputy for the Fulfillment of Child Rights and Protection at the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture, Imron Rosadi, appreciated the launch of Ruang Ortu by ASIA.

According to him, this application deserves to be supported with policy recommendations so that it can be expanded to the education community and other parents.

“We hope that this application can be used for children aged 11 years and under, which in Indonesia can reach 80 million people,” he explained.

“Therefore, if you want to be even more massive, this must be brought to a wider public domain policy and of course not to support it. However, with a strong legal basis and with the support of the government, related institutions and the community,” explained Imron.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of the Indonesian Islamic Boarding School Foundation, Al Azhar Nuri Muhammadi, stated that the Ortu Room by ASIA is the latest breakthrough for Al Azhar, an educational institution that has been present in the country for 70 years.

Not only parents and children, this application is considered very useful for teachers at Al-Azhar.

“Schools, especially our teachers, get information regarding what applications are accessed by students, how long it takes the child to access an application. So that we can provide direction to children to use IT (information technology) with manners,” Nuri Muhammad, explained.

Meanwhile, the socialization of the Ortu Room by ASIA will be intensified, one of which is by Jamiyyah, an organization for parents and teachers in Al Azhar schools.

The chairman of Salam Jamiyyah Dien Aprima Hardini stated that his party will immediately disseminate this application to Al Azhar schools in the country.

“As parents, we have been waiting for the launch of this Ortu by ASIA Room. The features are very educational and help parents,” said Dien.

“We will assist in the dissemination of this application to all of Al Azhar in Indonesia,” added Dien.

Almost the same support was also given by the Head of the Family Resilience Department

Sector of Women and Family Resilience DPP PKS Eko Yuliarti Siroj, who will introduce Ruang Ortu by ASIA within the organization, so that it can synergize with the public.

“One of the biggest challenges in Indonesia is the use of technology, especially for children, who do not yet have sufficient provisions to enter a very open world of technology,” said Eko Yuliarti Siroj.

“And we consider that the Ruang Ortu by ASIA application is very helpful, especially for parents in controlling the flow of technology information to their children,” he explained.

This application is designed based on an understanding of the culture and habits of the Indonesian people and is presented in Indonesian.

Ruang Ortu by ASIA, has excellent features, namely Instant Fostering Mode, Usage Schedule, Activity Monitoring, Geo Fencing, Call Monitoring, Internet Blocking, Application Blocking, Usage Restrictions, and Foster Partners.

In addition, there are positive content for child development, which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store. As for the Apps Store, it is still in the development stage. Also visit the page for more information.



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