Digital Technology Facilitates the Implementation of State Auditor Functions


MINISTER of Communications and Informatics Johnny G. Plate revealed that the use of digital technology can make it easier for the highest audit institution to carry out its constitutional functions. In fact, the issue of transparency that has been coveted by state auditors is considered to be realized through the implementation of digitalization.

“This can contribute to greater transparency and support government accountability,” he said in a sharing session at the Supreme Audit Institution 20 (SAI20) High Level Meeting in Nusa Dua, Bali, Tuesday (30/8).

The Ministry of Communication and Informatics, said Johnny, will continue to support efforts to improve and improve the quality of audits carried out by the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) as the state auditor.

One that is in line with this support is related to the plan of policy makers to build a government data center. Through the data center, it will be easier for BPK to conduct audits of state financial management.

“The current deployment of downstream digital infrastructure such as national data centers has the potential to improve the data reading process, especially in the domain of our data management and analytics tools,” said Johnny.

“Utilizing the data center facilitates data interoperability and integration to encourage the data audit process to be more transparent and more effective, as well as make the best use of a lot of valuable and relevant data,” he said.

According to Johnny, the use of digital technology has been applied by several SAIs and has resulted in an intelligence system in auditing. In addition, the application of digital technology by state auditors is also considered to reduce the potential for errors in data inspection.

In fact, at the same time it is also considered to reduce potential risks related to data security.

“SAIs that are already working have the potential for improvement, effectiveness and efficiency, capabilities and reliability, especially in critical and challenging paths, such as performance audits, this opportunity must be realized,” said Johnny.

As previously noted, SAI20 has produced a communique. The delegates agreed on the importance of adopting digital technology by state auditors, as well as encouraging the G20 governments to ensure the acceleration of digitalization by embracing other countries so that no one is left behind.

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