Facebook Making End-to-end Encryption Default on Messenger


FACEBOOK is currently testing the end-to-end encryption feature as the default or default setting in Messenger so that users no longer need to activate it manually. The end-to-end encryption feature has been around since 2016 on Messenger, but the service had to be manually activated by the user for each individual chat session.

Quoting XDA Developers, last weekend, the end-to-end encryption feature was created to keep conversations within the application safe. Trials to enable the end-to-end encryption feature automatically will take place in the next few weeks by Facebook. Selected users will automatically try out how end-to-end encryption is enabled when accessing the Messenger service from Facebook.

You could say that in addition to passwords or passwords to secure social networking accounts, the end-to-end encryption feature is the second layer to secure data security and social network user privacy. Especially with the increasing number of frauds and data theft from social networks, activating the end-to-end encryption feature becomes useful.

In addition to trying to enable the feature automatically, Facebook is also testing the end-to-end encryption feature on accounts that are connected to more than one device. This means that when you delete a message on the first device, it will also be deleted on the other device. Not only on the Messenger service, Facebook will also test the ability of users to delete messages and reply to messages on Facebook Stories with end-to-end encryption capabilities.

By focusing on user security, Facebook will also provide additional layers of security when users recover messages previously recorded in end-to-end encryption, such as entering a PIN or special access code to retrieve the message.

If this trial is successful, Facebook plans to release it in stages and will continue until 2023.

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