How To Use Facebook Ads To Develop A Digital Business


Social media has become one of the most developed platforms in today’s era. This also creates various innovations for various other aspects, including Facebook Ads.

Sukma Nur Jagat from Mafindo Jakarta explained, Facebook ads can be used to promote products and services through paid ads in the form of text, images, or videos. There are four things that need to be prepared before starting to do facebook ads. First, prepare the material or product details.

“Second, create a Facebook page first. Third, prepare a budget and banking or digital wallet. Finally, understand the Facebook community guidelines,” said Sukma in a webinar entitled Digital Business Concepts: Marketing Based on Facebook Ads held by the Ministry of Communication and Information with the Cybercreative Digital Literacy National Movement.

Member of the Mafindo Education Committee and Literacy Practitioner, Julita Hazeliana added, three things need to be considered when doing marketing based on facebook ads: First, always use real facebook. Second, first understand the rules of advertising on facebook ads.

“Finally, create and distribute marketing content that uses polite language and does not cause misunderstandings,” said Julita.

Head of the APP Jakarta Polytechnic Marketing Study Program & Digital Literacy Practitioner Aji Kresno added that currently digital fraud is reported to be a lot due to the increasingly massive activity of shopping and transacting online.

Three safe and comfortable tips for marketing using facebook ads: First, always obey the rules from facebook about ads. Second, understand the Facebook settings.

“And finally, always activate and use multilevel security features to minimize our account being hacked,” said Aji Kresno.

The webinar is part of the Indonesia Makin Cakap Digital program initiated by the Ministry of Communication and Information in 2021 to improve the digital literacy of the Indonesian people.

Based on the National Survey of the Ministry of Communication and Information and Katadata in 2021, the digital literacy level of the Indonesian people is at 3.49 out of a scale of 5 or still in the medium category and has not yet reached the good category.

The Digital Cakap Program which focuses on 4 digital pillars, namely Digital Skills, Digital Ethics, Digital Security, and Digital Culture was launched and targets Indonesia’s digital literacy rating to increase.

“In 2022, digital literacy training will be provided to 5.5 million people. Digital literacy performance has started to show an improvement in terms of quality. The opportunity for digital skills needs to be utilized optimally, considering that we have great potential for human resources,” said the Minister of Communications and Informatics (Menkominfo), Johnny G. Plate.

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