These are Crypto Investment Tips in the Shadow of an Economic Recession

VARIOUS institutions predict and warn of a possible recession that is expected to cut economic growth.

These economic challenges are not only faced by Indonesia but also other countries.

The projection also refers to the World Economic Outlook: Countering The Cost of Living Crisis report released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which was released on Tuesday (11/10).

The report data shows that the projected world economic growth this year is unchanged at 3.2%.

Meanwhile, next year, economic growth will be trimmed to 2.7% from the previous 2.9%.

The IMF sees the 2023 situation as the weakest growth profile since 2001, except for the Covid-19 pandemic and the global financial crisis.

Timothius Martin, PINTU's Chief Marketing Officer said, "As investors, we must always understand the various risk factors that can arise both from the macro-economic side, project or asset fundamentals, and market technical conditions."

"In addition, in the " winter " period and the possibility of a recession like today, it is also very important for us to be more disciplined in managing our finances and using structured methods such as Dollar Cost Averaging ( DCA) which can help reduce investment risk in the long term," he explained in a statement, Sunday (23/10).

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) report estimates that economic growth in 2023 will show the weakest growth since 2021.

Even the IMF also cut economic growth in 2023 from the previous 2.9% down to 2.7%.

As for the same report, the IMF predicts that a 25% possibility of global economic growth in 2023 will decline by 2% due to several factors such as geopolitical conditions between Russia and Ukraine, rising inflation, and a slowdown in the Chinese economy.

"With so many factors pointing to a slowdown in economic growth, there is public concern about the allocation of funds for investment," he explained.

"Crypto investors in the midst of current conditions can choose investments that are safe but can provide promising returns by utilizing the staking and earn features that are available in the PINTU application," said Timothius.

"These two features make it easy for users to be able to maximize the crypto assets they already have by getting a 4% reward by buying stablecoin assets and putting them in the Earn Doors," said Timo.

Quoted from Pintu Academy, Pintu Earn is one of the features in the PINTU application that can be used by users to store crypto assets and earn a certain amount of interest from the assets stored.

The Earn door offers various advantages including interest paid hourly, flexibility to top-up and withdraw assets at any time, and guaranteed asset security.

Meanwhile, Pintu Staking, as reported by Pintu Academy, is one of Pintu's features that allows users to earn various rewards by "locking" their PTU assets in the Door.

The benefits and advantages of PTU Staking include getting PTU Staking Interest (APR) of up to 12%/year, free withdrawal of rupiah to bank accounts, free sending of all assets to the Blockchain , additional bonus earning higher interest, extra referral commissions of up to 35%.

Other bonuses include free tickets to watch XXI The Premiere every month and exclusive limited edition merchandise from PINTU.

"As investors in the midst of the current conditions, of course we can be more careful in storing and developing our assets so that they continue to grow by choosing a platform that is safe and offers various features that can be utilized," he said.

"In addition, as investors, we also need to educate ourselves and know what kind of investor risk profile we want, so that it can be a provision to become a wise and responsible investor," concluded Timo.

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