Youtube Presents Features That Help You Get Credible Health Information


YOUTUBE has launched the YouTube Health feature as an effort to help Indonesians get the health information they need from credible sources.

YouTube Director and Global Head of Healthcare and Public Health Garth Graham said the feature was launched because he believes YouTube has the potential to be a vehicle for change in the field of public health and can have a large-scale positive impact on society.

“This new feature is an important step towards enhancing our platform’s role in connecting people to high-quality information,” Garth Graham said via video call during a press conference.

With PERIKSA (Penyedia Ragam Informasi Kesehatan Anda) jargon, YouTube Health will add a new health resource panel to videos to provide context and help viewers identify videos from credible sources.

Then, there is a health content gallery that will highlight videos from that source more effectively when users are searching for specific topics around health.

To identify sources to include in this health feature, initially, YouTube used a set of principles compiled by the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) of the United States.

Recently, the world health organization (WHO) and NAM held a meeting with experts from various disciplines from around the world to review and validate the principles in the feature to be used globally.

In Indonesia, YouTube has started collaborating with 14 public and private hospitals, as well as doctors and content creators who are expected to bridge credible information to the public.

In addition, through the YouTube Trusted Flagger Program, YouTube also partners with a global network of more than 300 government agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), one of which is the ARSPTN (State University Hospital Association) covering 37 member hospitals that will help notify YouTube of content that violates our Community Guidelines.

Going forward YouTube will continue to expand its partnerships with many trusted institutions across programs and initiatives to combat misinformation in the coming months,

“We know there is still a lot to improve and we will continue to make efforts in the long term,” Graham said.

On the same occasion, the Indonesian Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin appreciated the launch of the new YouTube feature.

“We appreciate the launch of this latest feature, to provide a special space for credible health information on YouTube and invite the public to actively increase health awareness by using digital technology,” said Budi.

For information, in recent years, YouTube has continued to strive to develop the role of the platform as an effective, attractive, and trusted public health communication tool through principles, partnerships, and product development.

Over the past year, YouTube has continued to build partnerships with leading healthcare organizations such as Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM), Mitra Keluarga Hospital, and Premier Group Hospital, as well as doctors and creators.

These organizations make many scientific-based videos that are very relevant to users, such as video testimonials of basketball athletes when they were patients from Eka Hospital, daily exercise tips videos from Mayapada Hospital, myths or facts about cancer videos from Siloam Hospital, and various other efforts. to present the latest information and education about covid-19 and more.

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