Bukit Gandrung Tanggulasi Kediri is more than just a natural scenic place

Bukit Gandrung Tanggulasi not only offers beautiful natural panorama, but also the excitement of swimming in cool water pools to a variety of interesting rides.

The spot is located in the northeast of Kediri Regency, near the border to Malang Regency. Precisely with Medowo Village, Kasembon District. The distance from the border gate is not too far. It only takes 21 minutes to travel by motorbike.

However, when departing from the Simpang Lima Gumul Monument (SLG), it takes about 1 hour 15 minutes. It is located on the slopes of Mount Anjasmoro. Passing the winding road uphill. However, the distance seems to pay off with the beautiful scenery along the way.

Located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level (MDPL), this tourist attraction is often touted as similar to Bukit Panguk Kediwung in Bantul Regency, Jogjakarta.

There are quite a variety of rides and interesting spots on Gandrung Tanggulai Hill. There are garden backgrounds and mountain views. One of the most popular spots is a tower that resembles a tree.

Not only taking pictures, from the top of the tower visitors can also see the Kasembon District, Malang Regency, and some villages in the eastern Kediri Regency.

Gandrung Hill with the theme of a unique viewing post with a hilly background is also a fun photo object. There are many Instagrammable spots there. For example, a hobbit house to a viewing post overlooking Mount Welirang.

One other thing that is interesting about this tourist spot is the panoramic view of its location which is very beautiful and calming. Anyway, for photo spots, Bukit Gandrung Tanggulas, Medowo, deserves to be labeled a champion.

No wonder Gandrung Tanggulas Hill is a favorite hangout place, especially for young people. Every weekend, so many young couples spend time there.

Gandrung Tanggulai Hill was built in 2018. Until now, the manager of the tourist attraction continues to innovate and develop facilities.

One of them, now visitors can enjoy the facilities of two large swimming pools. This swimming pool can be used by all ages. What distinguishes it from swimming pools in general is the ice-cold water. “Besides the swimming pool, there are also new photo spots,” said Ari Wibowo, the manager of Bukit Gandrung Tanggulasi tourism.

Recently, Bukit Gandrung Tanggulasi has a new ride that adds to the excitement for visitors. Among them, outbound rides, ATV, flying fox, and horse riding.

Local Durian Feast

Aside from the natural beauty and various rides, there is one other thing visitors to Bukit Gandrung Tanggulas shouldn’t miss, especially coffee fans and the king of fruit, durian.

Medowo Village is known for its produce, especially coffee and durian. Not only planting, the farmers in the village also cultivate their crops.

For coffee, they process it into ground coffee which is marketed to various regions. The type of coffee produced is excelsa. The original Medowo coffee has its own characteristics. When brewed, this coffee powder that dissolves in hot water has a very fragrant aroma.

Therefore, tourists who love coffee should try this coffee when visiting there. “This coffee from Medowo can be enjoyed in stalls in tourist locations. You can also take it home for souvenirs,” said Ari Wibowo, the manager of Bukit Gandrung Tanggulas tourism.

For durian, tourists can feel the pleasure of the king fruit during its harvest. Usually, the harvest period begins in October. And, the harvest period lasts from January to March.

Medowo’s local durian is famous for its sweet taste and a little bit of bitterness. In addition, the texture of the fruit is thicker and softer and the smell is more fragrant.

When the durian season arrives, local residents usually open stalls along village roads. However, there are also those who sell it by holding it near a motorcycle.

At the peak of the harvest, tourists have the opportunity to witness an interesting annual event. His name is Dahar Durian. At this special moment, residents distributed thousands of durians for free. Usually, the implementing committee has made a mountain frame at several points. The mountain-like skeleton became a place to put the durian.

So that visitors and residents do not fight over durian, the committee usually provides coupons. Each vehicle will only get one durian fruit. The event became one of the promotional tools that made Medowo Village widely known.


– This tourist spot is open at 07.00-17.00 WIB.

– Managed by BUMDes Medowo.

– To enter this tourist attraction, visitors are charged a ticket fee of Rp 6000.


– Outbound


– Flying fox

– Swimming pool and more

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